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Boston always had a big following of Northern Soul, not just bandwagon jumpers but a lot of knowledgeable people, pity we do not see so many of them out and about nowadays.

Ex DJ's such as Dave Appleyard and Andy Rix still live in the area but again are not often spotted these days, their mantle during recent years was taken over by Rupe who is a very forward thinking collector and DJ. Also Marcus Reid fast becoming a firm favourite of mine as he is a down to earth chap who knows his music and the local area well so keeps a full floor most of the time,, if you saw him on the bill you knew it would be a good night unfortunately both Rupe and Marcus have also anounced they will be taking a rest from the decks for a while.

2008 update: Andy Rix came out of retirement briefly to honour Horncastle with his first set for many years, I think it was pretty much a one off and much appreciated by the lucky ones who happened to be there that night, it was not advertised due to a last minute arrangement between Nick & Andy.

Mick Phoenix, Vic Fairhurst (not dj's just good guys) , Malc Evans - Where are you now....dead in Morroco by all accounts. They came to my wedding and were swigging Gin in the back row, I was best man at Mick's and had a black eye after the stag night and he had bruised knuckles from hitting the guy who threw a glass at me, Oh the good old days eh.

Malc Evans Update 2010: Malc is alive and well and turned up at a couple of the recent Skegness weekenders. At least it put a stop to all the rumours, good to see you Malc.

The Gliderdrome was like a copy of Wigan Casino with it's balcony and chewing gum floor, it was popular in the late sixties and played more motown than anything but was a good education for what was to come, it went on to host lots of top acts and unfortunately it was to end due to the popularity of bingo for pity sake.

Favourite tunes from the Glider.

I'll Do Anything - Doris Troy + These Things Will Keep Me Loving You - Velvellettes + Little Darling - Marvin Gaye......... Well you get the theme I am sure.

Kirton occasionally has a well looked forward to night as does Spalding Stamford and Grantham so plenty of choice for those in the fens to attend locally.

Skegness, I think the Skeggy crowd need a mention here, not got enough to do a whole page but I am sure someone will come along and tell me more about Wolfies and all the other little nights that have been run over the years.


They have been very loyal supporters of our Horncastle northern nights and tend to turn up in force, they are always a good fun and have helped keep the scene alive right out on the coast, Dave Raistrick has built up the Skegness weekenders and even now doing an alternative at the Sun Castle with between them as many as 6 events a year so along with other occasional nights run by other promoters it helps keep the northern flame alight at the seaside.

Someone else who seems to be everywhere now is Coops who is a kind hearted guy who will do anything for you, is a great photographer, flyer designer and DJ to boot, he has done a lot for the local scene over the last few years.

Any Boston soul related pictures always welcome.

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