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Sound Quality

The music files on this site are reduced in quality to maximise storage space on the server. Original high quality files are used for CD creation.

Legal Stuff

northern soul music on this site is considered to be in the public domain, downloads are disabled to avoid infringing copyright. Sound clips are format shifted back up copies of files stored for time shifted playback. If you do not own the original recording it is illegal to download or store files from this site, they should be removed from your system within 24 hours. If you own copyright and would like them removed contact NSM.

cd's & mp3's: You are allowed to own backup copies of northern soul music originals. By ordering backups, you assure me that you own the original. I accept no responsibility legally or otherwise of you owning them. If at a later date you decide to sell your original then you should pass on the backup or destroy it. You can however buy a backup without owning the original for evaluation purposes, but you are required by law to destroy it after 24 hours if you do not buy the original. You ar paying for the time to create the discs not for the content.



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US Radio

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Smoke Howard & Kenny Hamber
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