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Absolute stunning night mate,the music was great because of the absence of anything political.The company was outstanding I never saw anyone not smiling and the look on yours and Daves faces made it more than worthwhile.Thanks for putting it on mate I can honestly say one of the best w/gardens I have been to for ages.
Happy birthday once again

I was there on friday cleethorpes really good time. i came with a mate. enjoyed the night. sorry i didnt get to say hello, i was a bit phased as it has been 30 years since i was at a soul do. brought back some great memories and some sad one for the people who are not here anymore. Thanks a lot Nick for telling me about it happy birthday too. We really enjoyed ourselves.

It was a great night, nice to play 'Oldies' completely, atmosphere was great...specially in my glass.

Hi Nick... hey guess what..two old geezers had a shin dig at the Winter Gardens in aid of charity and on account of the old geezers 'coming of age'. I went there to warm up for the weekender down the road at the Beacholme, thought I may as well have a couple of hours there first but I didn't want to leave!! It was a great night. The requests for a pound was a good idea and the appearance of the Skullsnaps was Fab, good old Dougie. They did a pretty good show at the Beacholme last night by the way. Oh well back to the remainder of the weekender... Thanks birthday boys and many happy returns...

Living proof that you can actually use the camera as well! I'm glad that the event went well.

Had a brilliant night on friday as you will probably see!!





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