Northern Soul Music

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The 5 Royals                          Catch That Teardrop           
The 5th Dimension        Too Poor To Die
The 7 Showmen        Worth It All
7th Avenue Aviators        You Should Have Held On
8th Avenue Band        The Whole Thing
A Case Of Tyme        Manifesto
A C Reed                              My Baby's Been Cheating       
The Accents        You Better Think Again
Ace Spectrum        Don't Send Nobody Else
The Ad Libs        Johnny My Boy
The Ad Libs        New York In The Dark
The Ad Libs                               Think Of Me                   
Adam's Apples        Don't Take It Out On This World
Adams Apples                          You Are The One I Love        
Adams John        So In Love
Admiral Ice        My Carolina Girl
The Admirations        Don't Leave Me
The Admirations        Heaven Is In Your Arms
The Admirations        I Want To Be Free
The Admirations        Wait Till I Get To Know You
The Admirations        You Left Me
The Adorables        Ooh Boy
The Adventurers        Easy Baby
Age Of Bronze        I'm Gonna Love You
The Agents        Trouble
Al Apollo        I'm Walkin'
Al De Lory        Right On
Al Foster Band                        Night Of The Wolf             
Al Gardner                            Sweet Baby                    
Al Green        Don't Leave Me
Al Green        I've Never Found A Girl
Al James & The New Rhythm Band        Give Me Up Turn Me Loose
Al Kent        The Way You've Been Acting Lately
Al Kent                               You've Got To Pay The Price   
Al Matthews        Fool
Al Scott        What Happened To Yesterday
Al Williams        I Am Nothing
Al Wilson        Help Me
Al Wilson        Now I Know What Love Is
Al Wilson        Show & Tell
Al Wilson        The Snake
Albert Jones        Fifteen Cent Love
Albert Washington        I'm The Man
Albert Washington        Somewhere Down The Line
Alder Ray        My Heart Is In Danger
Aldora Britton        Do It With Soul
Alex  Hassilev        Young Man
Alexander Patton        A 'Lil Lovin Sometimes
Alexander Patton                      No More Dreams                
Alfie Davison        Love Is A Serious Business
Alfie Khan        Law Of The Land
Alfreda Brockington        Chained & Bound
Alice Clark                           You Hit Me (right where it hurts)
All Night Workers                     Don't Put All Your Eggs In One
The Allen Sisters                          I'm Out With The Downtown Crowd                            
The Alpacas        Sometimes I Love You Girl
Amanda Humphrey        Power Of Love
Amanda Love        You Keep Calling Me By Her Name
      The Amazers           Without A Warning                                 
The Ambassadors        Ain't Got The Love Of Any One Girl
The Ambassadors        Too Much Of A Good Thing
The Ambers        Potion Of Love
The Andantes        Like A Nightmare
The Andantes        That's A Funny Way
The Anderson Brothers        I Can See Him Loving You
Andrea Henry        I Need You Like A Baby
        My Hearts Beating Stronger
Andy Mack        Later Than You Think
Angela Davis & The Chevelles        My Love (is so strong)
Angie Stone        Wish I Didn't Miss You
The Anglos        Since You've Been Gone
Anita Humes & Essex                   What Did I Do                 
Ann Bogus        Don't Ask Me To Love Again
Ann Heywood        Crook His Little Finger
Ann Margret        Someday Soon
Ann Perry -         That's The Way He Is
Ann Sexton         I Still Love You
Ann Sexton        You've Been Gone Too Long
Anna Belle Caesar                                     Little Annie
Anna King        The Big Change
The Antellects                            Love Slave                    
Anthony & The Delsonics        Everytime
Anthony & Sophomores        It Depends On You
The Antiques        Go For Yourself
The Apollas        Just Can't Get Enough
The Apollas        Mr Creator
The Apollos        You're Absolutely Right
The Appointments        I Saw You There
The Appreciations        I Can't Hide It
The Appreciations        It's Better To Cry
The Appreciations                     There's A Place In My Heart
April Stevens        Wanting You
The Aquamen        Line & Track
The Arabians                              Take A Chance On Me           
Archie Bell & The Drells        Here I Go Again
Archie Bell & the Drells        Old People
Archie Bell & The Drells        Where Will You Go When The Party's Over
Archie Bell        Look Back Over Your Shoulder
Archie Hodge        I Really Want To See You Girl
Arin Demain        Silent Treatment
Arin Demain        You Don't Have To Cry Anymore
Arnold Bryant        House In Order
Art Falls        I Want You Baby
Art Freeman        Slippin' Around
Art Posey        No More Heartaches
Art Wheeler        That's How Much I Love You
Arthur Alexander        Keep Her Guessing
Arthur Conley        Funky Street
Arthur Conely        Sweet Soul Music
Arthur Freeman        Played Out Playgirl
Arthur Freeman        You Got Me Uptight
Arthur Willis & The Soulful Dy        The Hurting Is Over
The Artistics                         I'll Come Running             
The Artistics        Girl I Need You
The Artistics        Hope We Have
The Artistics                         I'm Gonna Miss You            
The Artistics        Nothing But Heartaches (keep haunting me)
The Artistics        This Heart Of Mine
The Ascots                            A Few Feet From The Gutter   
The Ascots        Another Day
Ashford & Simpson                     At The Top Of The Stairs      
The Astors        Candy
The Astors        In The Twilight Zone
Athen Rogues        She Could Love Me
The Attractions        Mama's Baby
The Attractions        That Girl Is Mine
The Attractions        Why Shouldn't A Man Cry
The Attractions                       You Don't Know Boy            
Audrey Mae Matthews        I Have No Choice
Audrey Slo        Gonna Find The Right Boy
Audrey Winters        Thank You Baby
August & Deneen        We Go Together
The Autographs        I Can't Do It
Azie Mortimer        Haunted
Azie Mortimer                         You Can't Take It Away        
Babe Ruth        Elusive
The Baby Dolls        Got To Get You Into My Life
Baby Earl & The Trinidads        Back Slop
Baby Huey        Just Be Careful
Baby Washington                                      Don't Let Me Lose This Dream                              
Baby Washington        Hey Lonely One
Baby Washington        It'll Never Be Over For Me
Baby Washington        Leave Me Alone
Baby Washington        Think About The Good Times
The Babysitters        You'll Have To Wait
Bad Weather Inc        I Never Never Knew
The Baja Marimba Band        Along Comes Mary              
The Ballads        I Can't See Your Love
The Baltimore & Ohio Marching Band        Condition Red
The Bamboos        Tighten Up
The Band Of Angels        Invitation
The Bands Of Gold        It's Over
Banny Price        You Love Me Pretty Baby
The Bar Kays                              Soul Finger                   
Barbara & Brenda        Don't Wait up for Me Mama
Barbara & Brenda        If I'm Hurt You'll Feel The Pa
Barbara & Brenda        Never Love A Robin
Barbara Acklin        Am I The Same Girl                              
Barbara Acklin        I'm Not Mad Anymore
Barbara Acklin        Love Makes A Woman
Barbara Banks        River Of Tears
Barbara Christian        Not Like You Boy
Barbara Cooper        What's One More Tear
Barbara Dane                          I'm On My Way                 
Barbara English        You Got Me Sitting In A Corner
Barbara Lewis        "Fool, Fool, Fool"
Barbara Lewis        I Remember The Feeling
Barbara Lewis        Someday We're Gonna Love Again
Barbara Lewis        The Stars
Barbara Long                          We Call It Love               
Barbara Lynn                          I Don't Want A Playboy        
Barbara Lynn        I'm A Good Woman
Barbara Lynn        Movin' On A Groove
Barbara Lynn                          Take Your Love & Run        
Barbara Lynn        This Is The Thanks I Get
Barbara Lynn        Trying To Love Two
Barbara Lynn        Your Losing Me
Barbara Mason & The Futures        Make It Last
Barbara Mason        Ain't Got Nobody
Barbara Mason        Bobby Is My Baby
Barbara Mcnair        Baby A Go Go
Barbara McNair        Counting On You Babe
Barbara Mcnair                        Forget You Ever Met Me Baby   
Barbara McNair                        It Happens Everytime          
Barbara Mcnair                        It Was Never Like This        
Barbara McNair        You're Gonna Love My Baby
Barbara Mercer        Call On Me
Barbara Mercer        Happiness Is Here
Barbara Mercer        Hey
Barbara Mercer        My Dear Heart
Barbara Mercer        Nobody Loves Me Like You
Barbara Mills        Queen Of Fools
Barbara Randolph        I Got A Feeling
Barbara St Clair        Teacherman
Barbara West        Congratulations Baby
Barnaby Bye        Can't Live This Way
The Barons        Since You're Gone
Barrett Strong        Man Up In The Sky
The Barrino Brothers        Trapped In A Love
Barry Benson        Stay A Little While
Barry St John        Everything I Touch Turns To T
Basic Black & Pearl        There'll Come A Time
The Bay Brothers        What Does It Take
Belita Woods        Grounded
The Bell Boys        I Don't Want To Lose You
The Belles        Don't Pretend
The Belles        Words Can't Explain
The Belmonts        You're Like A Mystery
Beloyd        Get Into Your Life
Ben Aiken        Satisfied
Ben Aiken                             You Were Meant To Be My Baby  
Dee Dee Sharp & Ben E. King        We Got a Thing Going On
Ben E King        Cry No More
Ben E King                            Don't Play That Song          
Ben E King                            Getting To Me                 
Ben E. King        I Can't Break The News To Myse
Ben E. King        Not Now (i'll tell you when)
Ben E King        The Record
Ben E King        What Can A Man Do
Benjamin & The Dreamdancers        Not One More Tear
Benny Curtis        Dirty Hearts
Benny Gordon        Gonna Give Her All The Love I Got                              
Benny Harper        Don't Let It Happen
Benny Harper                    My Prayer                             
Benny Latimore        Girl I Got News For You
Benny Mahan        She Knows How To
Benny Spellman        Fortune Teller
Benny Spellman                        This Is To You My Love        
Benny Troy        I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
Ben Zine        Village Of Tears
Bernard Smith & Jokers Wild        Gotta Be A Reason.
Bernard Williams & The Bluenot        Focused On You
Bernard Williams & The Bluenotes         It's Needless To Say
Bernie Williams        Ever Again
Bessie Banks        Don't Worry Baby The Best Is Y
Bessie Banks        I Can't Make It (without you baby)
Bessie Jones                 No More Tears
Beti Webb (you can be happy)        I Know
Betty Boo        Say It Isn't So
Betty Boo        Spellbound
Betty Boo        Stop That Boy
Betty Everett        Bye Bye Baby
Betty Everett        Getting Mighty Crowded
Betty Everett        I've Got A Claim On You
Betty Everett        Unlucky Girl                              
Betty Everett        You're Falling In Love
Betty Fike & The Passions        Prove It To Me
Betty Harris        I'm Evil Tonight
Betty Lavette        I'm Just A Fool For You
Betty Lavette        Only Your Love Can Save Me
Betty Lavette        Stand Up Like A Man
Bettye Lavette        What Condition My Condition Was In
Betty Lavette        You Made A Believer Out Of Me
Betty Lloyd        I'm Catching On
Betty Lou & Bobby Adams               Dr Truelove                   
Betty Moorer        Speed Up
Betty O'Brien                         She'll Be Gone                
Betty Semper & The Donnie Elbert Band        A Love I Believe In
Betty Turner        Be Careful Girl
Betty Turner                                      The Winds Kept Laughing At Me
Betty Wilson        I'm Yours
Betty Wright                          Love Don't Grow On A Love Tree
Betty Wright                                    If You Love Me                   
Bettye Swann        Don't Take My Mind
Bettye Swann        I Think I'm Falling In Love
Bettye Swann        Kiss My Love Goodbye
Betty Swann        Lonely Love
Bettye Swan        Make Me Yours
Bettye Swann        The Man That Said No
Beverley Ann        You Got Your Mind On Other Th
Beverly Savage        How Can You Face The World
Beverly Wright        Where The Good Times Are
Big Daddy Rogers                      I'm A Big Man                 
Big Dee Irwin        And Heaven Was Here
Big Dee Irwin        I Only Get This Feeling
Big Dee Irwin        You Satisfy My Needs
Big Dons Rebellion        It Was True
Big Frank & The Essences        I Won't Let Her See Me Cry
Big Frank Murphy        It's All Over But The Pain
Big Joe Turner        Two Loves Have I
Big John Hamilton        If You're Looking For A Fool
Big Maybelle                          I Can't Wait No Longer        
Big Maybelle        Its Quittin' Time
Bileo                                 You Can Win                   
Bill Black's Combo        Little Queenie
Bill Brandon & Lorraine Johnso        Let Me Be Your Full Time      
Bill Brandon                          "Whatever I Am, I'm Yours      "
Bill Bush                                     I'm Waiting                  
Bill Cosby        Little Old Man
Bill Dennis        I'll Never Let You Get Away
Bill Harris        Am I Cold Am I Hot
Bill Purcell                          Heartbeat                     
Billy Davis        Stanky (get funky)
Billie Dearborn        You need Me To Love You
Billy & Clyde        A World Of My Own
Billy Arnell & The Sparkles            Tough Girl (inst)             
Billy Arnell        Tough Girl
Billy Bland        All I Want To Do Is Cry
Billy Butler        Help Yourself
Billy Butler                       Right Track                   
Billy Butler        Sweet Darling
Billy Cole        Extra Careful
Billy Ekstine        I Wonder Why
Billy Floyd        My Oh My
Billy Griffin                         Serious                       
Billy Hambric        I Found True Love
Billy Hambric        She Said Goodbye
Billy Harner                          Irresistable You              
Billy Harner        Sally Sayin' Something
Billy Harner        She's Almost You
Billy Harner        What About The Music
Billy Joe Royal                       Hearts Desire                 
Billy Joe Royal        Yo-Yo
Billy Keene                           Wishing & Hoping            
Billy Kennedy        If I Was A Kid
Billy Kennedy        Sweet Things
Billy Kennedy        (this is a) Groovy Generation
Billy Preston        Billy's Bag (inst)
Billy Prophet        What Can I Do
Billy Sha Rae        I'm Gone
Billy Sha-Rae        Do It
Billy Stewart        A Fat Boy Can Cry
Billy Stewart        Count Me Out
Billy Stewart        Every Day I Have The Blues
Billy Stewart        Sitting In The Park
Billy Storm        Educated Fool
Billy Storm        Please Don't Mention Her Name
Billy Thompson        Black Eyed Girl
Billy Watkins        The Iceman
Billy Woods        Let Me Make You Happy
Billy Young        Glendora
Billy Thompson                        Black Eyed Girl               
Birdie Green        How Come
Bits 'n' Pieces        Keep On Running Away
B J Thomas        I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own
BJ Thomas        Keep It up
B.J. Thomas                           What Does It Take             
Black Nasty        Cut Your Motor Off
Blanche Carter        Halos Are For Angels
The Blendells        You Need Love
The Blenders        Your Love Has Got Me Down
Blood Sweat & Tears        You Make Me So Very Happy
The Blossoms        Deep Into My Heart
The Blossoms        Let Your Love Shine On Me
The Blossoms        That's When The Tears Start
The Blossoms        What A Fool
The Blue Jays        My Point Of View
The Blue Sharks        These Things Will Keep My Loving You
Bo Bo Mr Soul        Hitch Hiking Back To Heartbreak
Bob & Earl        Harlem Shuffle '66
Bob & Earl        Harlem Shuffle
Bob & Earl Band (feat Bobby Garrett)        My Little Girl
Bob & Earl Band        My Little Girl (inst) 
Bob & Fred        I'll Be On My Way
Bob & Fred Strings                    I'll Be On My Way (inst)      
Bob Brady & The Concords        Everybody's Going To A Love In
Bob Brady -         More More More Of Your Love
Bob Kuban & The In Men        The Cheater
Bob Relf        Blowin' My Mind To Pieces
Bob Relf        My Little Girl
Bob Sinclar        "Tribute (7"" edit)"
The Bobbettes        Happy Go Lucky Me
The Bobbettes        Having Fun
Bobbi Lynn        Earthquake
Bobbie Smith & The Dreamgirls        Now He's Gone
Bobbie Smith        Walk On Into My Heart
Bobby & Betty Lou        Soul Stirrer
Bobby Angelle        It's Just Gotta Be That Way
Bobby Bennett        Alone With My Tears
Bobby Bland        Call On Me
Bobby Bland        I Ain't Myself Anymore
Bobby Bland        Shoes
Bobby Bland        These Hands (small but mighty).mp3
Bobby Bland        Yum Yum Tree
Bobby Coleman        Pleasure Girl
Bobby Copney        Ain't No Good
Bobby Day                             Pretty Little Girl Next Door  
Bobby Diamond        Stop
Bobby Foster        If You Really Need A Friend
Bobby Franklin        The Ladys Choice
Bobby Freeman        I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Bobby Freeman        Swing Me
Bobby Freeman        The Duck
The Bobby Fuller Four        Magic Touch
Bobby Garrett        I Can't Get Away
Bobby Garrett        My Little Girl
Bobby Goldsboro        It's Too Late
Bobby Goldsboro        Longer Than Forever
Bobby Goldsboro                       She Chased Me                 
Bobby Goldsboro        Too Many People
Bobby Guitar Wood        It's Mighty Nice To Know
Bobby Hebb        Love Love Love
Bobby Hebb        You Want To Change Me
Bobby Hutton        Come See What's Left Of Me
Bobby Hutton                          Lend a Hand                   
Bobby Hutton        That's How Heartaches Are Made
Bobby Jason        Wall To Wall Heartache
Bobby Kline        Say Something Nice To Me
Bobby Kline        Taking Care Of Business
Bobby Mac        Shy Guy
Bobby McClure        You Got Me Baby
Bobby Mitchell        Well I Done Got Over It
Bobby Paris        I Walked Away
Bobby Paris        Night Owl
Bobby Paris        Personally
Bobby Patterson        I'm In Love With You
Bobby Patterson        My Baby's Coming Back To Me
Bobby Patterson        Sock Some Loving At Me
Bobby Patterson                       What A Wonderful Night For Love
Bobby Reed        Caledonia Brown
Bobby Reed        The Time Is Right For Love
Bobby Rich                            There's A Girl Somewhere For M
Bobby Rush        Gotta Have Money
Bobby Samson                          Don't Leave                   
Bobby Sheen        Dr Love
Bobby Sheen        Something New To Do
Bobby Sheen        Sweet Sweet Love
Bobby Taylor        Oh I've Been Blessed
Bobby Thurston        Just Ask Me
Bobby Treetop        So Sweet So Satisfying
Bobby Treetop        Wait Till I Get To Know You
Bobby Valentin        Use It Before You Lose It
Bobby Wells        Be's That Way Sometimes
Bobby Wells        Let's Cop A Groove
Bobby Williams        I've Only Got Myself To Blame
Bobby Wisdom        Handwriting On The Wall
Bobby Womack        Across 110th Street
Bobby Womack        Home Is Where The Heart Is
Bobby Womack        So Many Sides Of You
Bobby Womac        What Is This
The Body Motions        Puttin' You On
Bonnie Herman        Hush Don't Cry
Bonnie Pointer        Heaven Must Have Sent You
Boogie Man Orch        Lady Lady Lady
Book Of Life                          I Don't Know You              
Booker T And The Mg's        Time Is Tight
The Bootleggers (ft Cathy Carlson)        Don't Count On Tomorrow
Boots Randolf        Take A Letter Maria
Boss Four        Walking By
The Box Tops        The Letter
Brainstorm        Lovin' Is Really My Game
Brand New Faces        Brand New Faces
Brenda & The Tabulations        A Love You Can Depend On
Brenda Duff        Got To Get To Know You
Brenda Holloway        All I Do
Brenda Holloway                       All Your Love                 
Brenda Holloway                       Can't Hold The Feeling Back   
Brenda Holloway                       Crying Time (inst)            
Brenda Holloway                       Crying Time                   
Brenda Holloway        I'll Be Alright
Brenda Holloway        Just Look What You've Done
Brenda Holloway                       Keep On Rolling               
Brenda Holloway                       My World Is Crumbling         
Brenda Holloway        Reconsider
Brenda Holloway        Starting The Hurt All Over Ag
Brenda Holloway                       When I'm Gone                 
Brenda Holloway        You Didn't Say A Word
Brenda Lee Jones        You're The Love Of My Life
Brenda Starr        Satan Won't You Let Me Sleep
Brendetta Davis        I Can't Make It Without Him
Brenton Wood        Gimme A Little Sign
Brewster Crew        I'm The One Who Knows
Brice Coefield        Ain't That Right
The Brilliant Korners        Three Lonely Guys
The Broadways                         You Just Don't Know           
Brook Benton        Rainy Night In Georgia
Brooks & Jerry        I Got What It Takes
Brooks Brothers        Looking For A Woman
Brooks O'Dell        Standing Tall
Broomfield Corporate Jam              Doin' It Our Way              
Brother to Brother        Living In The Bottle
"Brothers ,Sisters, Cousins"        Smokestream
The Brothers                          Are You Ready For This        
Brothers Of Soul        Come On Back                            
Brothers Of Soul        Hurry Don't Linger
Brothers Of Soul        I'd Be Grateful
Brown Sugar        The Game Is Over
The Buckinghams                       Don't You Care                
Buckner Brothers        Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
Bud Harper                            Let Me Love You               
Bud Harper        Wherever You Were
Buddy Ace        Nothing In This World Can Hurt
Buddy Lamp        Next Best Thing
Buddy Lamp        Save Your Love
Buddy Miles        Just A Kiss Away
Buddy Smith        When You Lose The One You Love
Bunny Sigler        Follow Your Heart
Bunny Sigler        For Crying Out Loud
Bunny Sigler        Girl Don't Make Me Wait
Bunny Sigler        Let The Good Times Roll
Bunny Sigler        Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Burning Bush        Keeps On Burning
Buster & Eddie        Can't Be Still
Butch Baker        Fatman At The Go
Butch Baker                           The Joker                    
The Butlers        Laugh Laugh Laugh
The Butlers        She Tried To Kiss Me
C.O.D's        She's Fire
The Cairos                            Stop Overlooking Me           
Cajun Hart                            Gotta Find A Way              
Cal Tjaeder                           Soul Source                   
Caleen Anderegg        Fools Paradise
Calvin Arnold        Mini Skirt
Calvin Grayson        Love's Just Begun
Calvin Grayson        You've Got To Be Willing
Calvin Williams                       Lonely You'll Be              
The Camaros        Were Not Too Young
Cameo        Find My Way
Camp        Marching
Candace Love        Wonderful Night
Candi Staton        As Long As He Takes Care Of Home
Candi Staton                          Here I Am Again               
Candi Staton        Now You've Got The Upper Hand
Candy & The Kisses                    Out On The Streets Again      
Candy & The Kisses        The 81
The Capitols        Cool Jerk
The Capitols        Don't Say Maybe Baby
The Capitols        I Can't Deny That I Love You
The Capitols        I Got To Handle It
The Capitols        Up On Top Now
The Capreez        How To Make A Sad Man Glad
The Caressors        I Can't Stay Away
Carl Burnett & The Hustlers        Jerk Baby Jerk
Carl Carlton        I Can Feel It
Carl Carlton        She's A Bad Mama Jama
Carl Carlton        So What
Carl Douglas        Marble And Iron
Carl Douglas        Serving A Sentence Of Life
Carl Hall        Mean It Baby
Carl Henderson        I'm Scheming
Carl Henderson        That Girl
Carl Hall        Let Me Down Slowly
Carl Holmes & The Commanders        Soul Dance No 3
Carl Spencer        Cover Girl
Carla Thomas & Otis Redding        "Ooh Carla, Ooh Otis           "
Carla Thomas        I'll Never Stop Loving You
The Carlettes        I'm Getting Tired
The Carlettes        Lost Without Your Love
Carol & Gerri        How Can I Ever Find A Way
Carol & Gerri                         On You Heartaches Look Good   
Carol Anderson        Sad Girl
Carol Anderson        Taking My Mind Off Love
Carol Fran                            Roll With the Punches         
Carol Fredricks        I Couldn't Care Less
Carol Jiani        Make Sure (you have someone who loves you)
Carole Waller        Stop & Get A Hold Of Myself
Carol Waller        This Love Of Mine
The Carolines        Can't Stop Loving The Boy
The Carolines        You're My Baby
Carolyn Crawford                      Forget About Me               
Carolyn Crawford                      I'll Come Running             
Carolyn Crawford        My Smile Is Just A Frown (turned upside down)
Carolyn Crawford        Since I Lost My Baby
Carolyn Crawford                      Until You Came Along          
Carstairs        He Who Picks A Rose
Carstairs        It Really Hurts Me Girl
Carter Brothers                       She's So Fine (so glad she's m
Cartoon Candy Carnival        Mickey Mouse Concerto In 'B' 
The Casanova Two                                      We Gotta Keep On                              
Cash McCall        You Can't Take Love
The Cashmeres                         Don't Let The Door Hit Your Ba
The Cashmeres        Showstopper
The Casinos        I Still Love You
The Casualeers        Dance Dance Dance
The Catalinas        Laughing Through Tears
The Catalinas        You Haven't The Right
The Cate Brothers        Where Can We Go
The Cautions        Fall Guy
The Cautions        No Other Way
The Cavaliers        Hold On To My Baby
The Cavaliers        Ooh It Hurts Me
CC Neal        All I Want From You Is Your Love
Cecil Washington        I Dont Like To Lose
The Celebrities        I Choose You
Celeste Hardy                         You're Gone                   
The Celestrials                       I Feel It Coming On           
Chairman Of The Board        I'm On My Way To A Better Place
Chairmen Of The Board        You Got Me Dangling
Chairmen Of The Board        Chairmen Of The Board
Chairmen Of The Board        Everything Is Tuesday
Chairmen Of The Board        Give Me Just A Little More
Chairmen Of The Board        Patches
The Chalfontes        He Loves Me
The Chancellors                       All The Way From Heaven       
The Chandlers        Your Love Makes Me Lonely     
Changing Scene        When The City Sleeps
Channel 3        The Sweetest Thing
The Channels        I Got My Eyes On You
The Chantels        Indian Giver
Chapter 5                             You Can't Mean It             
The Charades        Key To My Happiness
Charisma Band                         Ain't Nothing Like Your Love  
Charles Anthony        I Can Dig It
Charles Drain        Is This Really Love
Charles Farren        You've Changed My Whole Life A
Charles Johnson        Never Had A Love So Good
Charles Lamont & The Extremes        I've Got To Keep Moving
Charles Mann        It's All Over
Charles Mintz        Since I Found You Girl
Charles Perry        How Can I (keep from crying)
Charles Russell        It Ain't Easy
Charles Sheffield        It's Your Voodoo Working
Charles Spurling        She Cried Just A Minute
Charles Thomas        The Man With The Golden Touch
Charles Wright        Keep Saying (you don't love nobody)
Charlie Gracie        He'll Never Love You Like I D
Charlie Hodges                        What's Gonna Happen To Me     
Charlotta Tillman        Baby I'm Serious
The Charmaines        Eternally
The Charmaines        I Idolise You
The Charmaines        The One For Me
The Charmettes        Sugar Boy
The Charts        Desiree
The Charts        Livin' The Nightlife
The Chaumonts        I Need Your Love
Checkerboard Squares        Double Cookin'
Checkmates Ltd        Kissing Her & Crying For You
The Cheers        Take Me To Paradise
The Cherry People        And Suddenly
Cheryl Ann                            I Can't Let Him Go            
Cheryl Berdell        Giving It All To You
The Chevrons        "Love, I Love You"
Chi Chi                               If You're Gonna Love Me       
The Chi-Lites                             She's Mine                    
The Chiffons        Sweet Talking Guy
The Chiffons Band        Sweet Talking Guy (inst)
The Chimes                                 The Beginning Of My Life                            
Chip Tyler        If You Ask Me
Choice Of Colour                      Your Love                     
The Chosen Few        Birth Of A Playboy
Chris Calloway        You're Something Else
Chris Clark        Do I Love You
Chris Clark                           Love's Gone Bad               
Chris Clark        Mighty Good Lovin
Chris Clark                           Something's Wrong             
Chris Farlowe        Out Of Time
Chris Jackson        I'll Never Forget You
Christine Cooper        Heartaches Away My Boy
Christine Cooper        SOS Heart In Distress
Christine Kittrell        Call His Name
Christopher Cerf        Sweet Music              
Christy Allen                         Walk Tall Like A Man          
Chubby & The Turnpikes        I Didn't Know The Inside Story
Chubby & The Turnpikes        I Didn't Try
Chubby Checker                        Cum-a-la-be-Stay              
Chubby Checker        Everything's Wrong
Chubby Checker        You Just Don't Know
Chubby Checker        (at the) Discotheque
Chuck Bernard                         Every Hurt Makes You Stronger
Chuck Carter        I Can't Help Myself
Chuck Cockerham                       Have I Got The Right          
Chuck Corby        I Need Your Love
Chuck Henly        Broken Heart                             
Chuck Holliday        Just Can't Trust Nobody
Chuck Jackson        All Over The World
Chuck Jackson        Any Day Now
Chuck Jackson        Good Things Come To Those Who
Chuck Jackson                         Hand It Over                  
Chuck Jackson        I Only Get This Feeling
Chuck Jackson        I'll Fight ('til I Win Your Love)
Chuck Jackson        I've Got The Need
Chuck Jackson        I've Got To Be Strong
Chuck Jackson        Somebody New
Chuck Jackson        These Chains Of Love (Are Brea
Chuck Jackson        Whats With This Loneliness
Chuck Overton                         I'm So Thankful               
The Love Knot        Chuck Wells
Chuck Wood        Seven Days Too Long
Chuck Wood        What's Wrong With Me Baby
Cicero Blake        How Can I (keep from crying)
Cicero Blake        You're Gonna Be Sorry
Cindy Gibson        I'll Always Love You
Cindy Lynn & The In Sounds        Meet Me At Midnight
Cindy Scott        I Love You Baby
Cindy Scott        In Your Spare Time
Cindy Scott        Time Can Change A Love
Cissy Houston        Bring Him Back
Cissy Houston        Don't Come Running To Me
The Citations        Keep The Faith
CL Blast        What Can I Do
Clara Hardy        I Dream Of You
Clara Ward                            The Right Direction           
Clara Wood               You're After My Guy    
Clarence Carter        I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
Clarence Carter         Looking For A Fox
Clarence Carter        Messin' With My Mind
Clarence Hill        A Lot Of Lovin Going Around
Clarence Murray        Baby You Got It
Clarence Murray        Let's Get On With It
Clarence Williams        No Rest For The Wicked
The Classics        One Dance
The Classics        So Glad That I Found You
Claude Huey                           Why Would You Blow It
Cleveland Robinson        Boy
Cleveland Robinson        Love Is A Trap
Cleveland Robinson        Woman On Motion
Cliff Nobles & Company        The Horse
Cliff Nobels        Lets Have A Good Time
Cliff Nobles        Love Is All Right
Cliff Nobles        My Love Is Getting Stronger
Cliff Nobles & Company        Cliff Nobles And Company - The Horse.mp3
Clifford Binns        You've Got To Help Me
Clifford Curry                        Ain't No Danger               
Clifford Curry        I Can't Get A Hold Of Myself
The Clovers        Too Long Without Some Lovin'
Clyde Mcphatter        Lonely People Can't Afford To Cry
Clyde McPhatter        Please Give Me One More Chanc
Clydene Jackson                       I Need Your Love              
Clydie King                           Bout Love                    
Clydie King                           He Always Comes Back To Me    
Clydie King        I'll Never Stop Loving You
Clydie King        Only The Guilty Cry
Clydie King        Soft & Gentle Ways
Co Co & Ben        Good Feelin'
The Coasters                          Crazy Baby                    
Cobblestone         Trick Me Treat Me
The COD's        I'm A Good Guy
Cody Black                            Going Going Gone              
Cody Black                            I'm Slowly Molding            
Cody Michels        Seven Days Fifty Two Weeks
Collins & Collins        At The Top Of The Stairs
The Combinations        Wat'cha Gonna Do
The Commands                          A Way To Love Me              
The Commands                          Hey It's Love                 
The Commodores        The Zoo
The Companions        Be Yourself
The Condors                           Let Me Down Easy              
Connie Clark        My Sugar Baby
Connie Mc Gill  & The Visions        I Can't Stop Love
Connie Questel        Give Up Girl
Connie Stevens        Tick Tock
Connie Van Dyke        Don't Do Nothing I Wouldn't D
The Constellations                    I Didn't Know How To          
The Constellations                    I Don't Know About You        
Construction        Hey Little Way Out Girl
The Contacts                          You Gonna' Pay             
The Contemplations        Alone With No Love
The Contenders        Do What You Got To Do
The Continental 4        The Way I Love You
The Continental Showstoppers                             Not Too Young
The Contours        Baby Hit & Run
The Contours                          First I Look At The Purse     
The Contours        I Can't Stop This Feeling
The Contours        I LIke Everything About You
The Contours        So Hard Being A Loser                             
The Contours        Jealousy Is Creeping Up On Me
The Contours        Just A Little Misunderstanding
The Contours        Take Him Back
The Contours        Whole Lotta Woman
Cookie Jackson        Do You Still Love Me
Cookie Scott        I Don't Care
Cookie Scott        Your Love It Won Me Over
Cookin' On 3 Burners        This Girl
The Cooperettes        Shing-A-Ling
Corey Blake        How Can I Go On Without You
Corey Glover        Little Girl
The Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose        Too Late To Turn Back
Cortez Greer                          Very Strong On You            
The Counts        (our love's gonna be) Stronger
Court Davis        Try To Think What You're Doing
Craig Woolard        Love Don't Come No Stronger
Crampton Sisters        Baby Baby
The Cre-Shendos        You're Still On My Mind
Creation        I Got The Fever
Creations        A Dream
The Crow        Autumn Of Your Tomorrow
The Crystals        I Got A Man
CT Fearriby        Alene
Curley Moore        You Don't Mean It
Curtis Blandon        In The Long Run
Curtis Lee        Is She In Your Town
Curtis Mayfield        Move On Up
Cynthia & The Imaginary Three        That's What I Am
The Daisies        Cold Wave
Daisy Burris                          Four Strong Winds          
Daisy Hicks                           More                          
The Dalton Boys        I've Been Cheated
Damon Fox        Packing Up
Dan Folger        The Way Of The Crowd
Dana Valery        You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
Danny Harrison        Girl Girl Girl
Danny Monday        "Baby, Without You"
Danny Moore        Somebody New
Danny Owens        I Can't Be A Fool For You
Danny Price        Come To Me
Danny Wagner        I Lost A True Love
Danny Wagner        This Thing Called Love
Danny White        Cracked Up Over You
Danny Williams                        Whose Little Girl Are You     
Danny Woods        You Had Me Fooled
Darlene Love        A Long Way To Be Happy
Darlene Love        Too Late To Say You're Sorry
The Darlettes        Lost
The Darlings        Two Time Loser
Darrell Banks        Angel Baby
Darrell Banks        I'm The One Who Loves You
Darrell Banks        Open The Door To Your Heart
Darrell Banks        Our Love Is In The Pocket
Darrell Banks        Somebody Somewhere (needs you)
Darrow Fletcher        Changing By The Minute
Darrow Fletcher        Gotta Draw The Line
Darrow Fletcher                       I Like The Way I Feel         
Darrow Fletcher        My Young Misery
Darrow Fletcher                       That Certain Little Something
Darrow Fletcher        The Pain Gets A Little Deeper
Darrow Fletcher        What Good Am I Without You
Darryl Stewart        Name It And Claim It
"Dave Collins, Ansel Collins"        Double Barrel
Dave Charles        Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Dave Love        Colalined Baby
David & The Giants        Superlove
David & The Giants        Ten Miles High
Dave 'King' Thomas        You Better Investigate
David Morris        Stoned On Love
David Rhodes        Hung Up In The Air
David Ruffin        Rode By The Place (where we used to stay)
Day & Knight                          I'm Gonna Love You Tomorrow   
Daybreak        I Need Love
The De Vons        Groovin' With My Thing
The De Vons        Someone To Treat Me (the way you used to)
The Deadbeats                         No Second Chance              
Dean Barlow                           Third Window From The Right   
Dean Courtney        I'll Always Need You
Dean Courtney        Today Is My Day
Dean Courtney                         You Just Can't Walk Away
Dean Parrish        Bricks Broken Bottles & Stic
Dean Parrish        Determination
Dean Parrish        I'm On My Way
Dean Parrish        Tell Her
Debbie Burton        "Baby, It's Over"
Debbie Dean        Why Am I Loving You
The Debonaires        Headache In My Heart
The Debonaires                        How's Your New Love Treating Y
The Debonaires        Loving You takes All Of My Tim
The Debonaires        Please Come Back Baby
Debra Johnson        To Get Love You've Got To Bring Love
Dee Brown & Lola Grant        You Need Loving
Dee Clark        Come Closer
Dee Clark        That's My Girl
Dee Dee Gartrell        I Must Be Doing Something Right
Dee Dee Sharp        Deep Dark Secret
Dee Dee Sharp                         I'll Do Anything              
Dee Dee Sharp        Standing In The Need Of Love
Dee Dee Sharp        The Night
Dee Dee Sharp        There Ain't Nothin' I Wouldn't Do For You
Dee Dee Sharp        There Ain't  Nothing I Wouldn'
Dee Dee Sharp                         What Kind Of Lady             
Dee Dee Warwick        I Can't Go Back - Hurd
Dee Dee Warwick        Worth Every Tear I Cry
Dee Edwards        All The Way Home
Deena Johnson        I'm A Sad Girl
The Del Capris        Hey Little Girl
The Del Larks        I'm Out Of The In Crowd
The Del Larks        Job Opening (part 1)
The Del Larks                             Just You And I                
The Del Satins        Baby You're The Fire
The Del Tours        Sweet & Lovely
Delcos        Arabia
Delegates Of Soul        I'll Come Running Back
The Delettes                          Look At Me                    
The Deletts        Look At Me
The Delfonics        I Told You So
The Delfonics        You'll Get Enough Of Me
The Delicates        Stop Shoving Me Around
Delilah Kennebruew        Bright Lights
The Delites        Lover
Della Rae                             Happy Day                     
Della Reese        A Clock With No Hands
The Dells                             It's All Up To You            
The Dells        Make Sure
The Dells        Run For Cover
The Dells        Thinking About You
The Dells        Wear It On Our Face
The Dells        Your Song
Delores Clark        I'm Livin' To Please
Delores Hall        Good Lovin' Man
Delreys Incorporated        Destination Unknown
Demetriss Tapp        Let Go Of My Heart
The Demures                           Raining Teardrops             
Dena Barnes        If You Ever Walked Out
Denise Chandler        I'm Walking Away
Denise LaSalle                        A Love Reputation             
Denise LaSalle                        Do Me Right                   
Denise Lasalle        Here I Am Again
Denise Lasalle        I Get What I Want
Denita James                          I Have Feelings Too           
Dennis Edwards        I Didn't Have To (but I did)
Dennis Edwards        I Like Everything About You
Dennis Edwards        Johnny On The Spot
Dennis Jones        Is There A Reason (plug)
Deon Jackson                                    Can't Go On    
Deon Jackson                          Ooh Baby                      
Deon Jackson        That's What You Do To Me
Deon Jackson        When Your love Has Gone
Derek & Ray        Interplay
Derek Martin                          Breakaway                     
Derek Martin        If You Go (no organ)
Derek Martin                          Sly Girl                      
The Determinations        Bing Bong Goes My Heart
The Determinations                    You Can't Hold On To Love     
The Detroit Emeralds        Feel The Need In Me
The Detroit Emeralds        Showtime
The Detroit Executives        Cool Off
Detroit Soul                          All Of My Life                
The Spinners        I Just Can't Help But Feel The Pain
The Detroit Spinners        I Just Want To Fall In Love   
The Detroit Spinners        It's A Shame                  
The Detroit Spinners        Sweet Thing
The Devonns        I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys
The Devonns        Someone To Treat Me Like You Used To
The Devotions        Do Do De Dop
Devotions        Same Old Sweet Lovin
Diana Foster        I've Got A Feeling
Diana Ross & The Supremes        Honey Bee
Diane Cunningham                      Certain Kind Of Lover         
Diane Jenkins        I Need You
Diane Lewis        I Thank You Kindly
Diane Lewis        Keep A Hold On Me
Diane Lewis        Without Your Love
Diane Lewis        You Ain't Got A Chance
Diane Newby        What You're Puttin' Me Through
Diane Pane                            What Side Your Bread Is Butter
Dianne Brooks        In My Heart
Dickie Wonder        Nobody Knows (girl backing)
Dickie Wonder        Nobody Knows
Didi Noel                             Let The Music Play            
The Disciples Of Soul        That's The Way Love Goes
The Districts                         (one lover) Just Won't Do     
The Divines        I Gotta Make It
DJ Genesis (ft Elveria)        "Tribute To Betty ""Tonight"""
Dobie Gray        Honey You Can't Take It Back
Dobie Gray        Out On The Floor
Dobie Gray        See You At The Go Gp
Dobie Gray        The In Crowd
Doc & The Interns                     Baby I Know Now               
Doc Peabody        Here Without You
The Dogs        Soul Step
The Dolls        The Reason Why
Dolly & The Fashions        Absence Made My Heart Grow Fonder
Don Covay        It's Better To Have
Don Covay        See Saw
Don Gardner & Baby Washington         We're Gonna Make It Big       
Don Gardner        Cheatin' Kind
Don Gardner                           My Baby Likes To Boogaloo     
Don Hollinger        Where The Young Folk Go
Don Ray        Born A Loser
Don Ray Sampson                       Baby Come Back                
Don Thomas                            Come On Train                 
Don Varner        Tear Stained Face
Don Whatt        I've Got Myself To Blame
Donald Height                         Rags To Riches To Rags        
Donald Height        Talk Of The Grapevine
Donald Jenkins & The Delighters        Somebody Help Me
Donald Lee Richardson        You Got Me In The Palm Of Your Hand
Doni Burdick        Bari Track (Inst)
Doni Burdock        Candle
Doni Burdick        I Have Faith In You
Doni Burdock        Open The Door To Your Heart
Donna Coleman        Your Love Is Too Strong
Donna King        Take Me Home
Donna Lynn                            Don't You Dare                
Donnie Elbert        A Little Piece Of Leather
Donnie Elbert        Along Came Pride
Donnie Elbert        So Soon
Donnie Wells        You've Got My Love
The Dontells        In Your Heart
Dooley Silverspoon        Game Players
Doris Jones        He's So Irreplaceable
Doris Smith        No Good Guy
Doris Troy        I'll Do Anything
Doris Willingham                      You Can't Do That             
Dorothy Berry        Shindig City
Dorothy Berry        You Better Watch Out
Dorothy Morrison        I Can't Go On Without You
Dorothy Williams        The Well's Gone Dry
Dottie & Millie        Nothing In This World
Dottie & Millie        Talking About My Baby
Dottie Cambridge        Cry Your Eyes Out
Dottie Pearson        A House Made Of Love
Doug Banks        Ain't That Just Like A Woman
Doug Banks        I Just Kept On Dancing
Doug Parkinson & The Southern         I'll Be Around
Douglas Gibson With The Sweet         Run For Your Life             
Drake & The Ensolids        Please Leave Me
Dramatics        All Because Of You
The Dramatics        Inky Dinky Wang Dang Doo
Dream Team        I'm Not Satisfied
The Drifters                              Baby What I Mean              
The Drifters        Drip Drop
The Drifters        If You Don't Come Back
The Drifters        Pour Your Little Heart Out
The Drifters        Under The Boardwalk
The Drifters        Up On The Roof
The Drifters        White Christmas
The Drifters         You Got To Pay Your Dues
The Drifters        The Drifters - You're More Tha
Drizabone        Pressure
Drizabone        Real Love
Dry Well        Gypsy
The Duettes        Every Beat Of My Heart
Duke & Leonard        Just Do The Best You Can
Duke Browner        Crying Over You
The Dushons        You Better Think It Over
Dusty Springfield        Live It Up
Dusty Springfield        Long After Tonight Is All Over
Dusty Springfield        What's It's Gonna Be
Dusty Wilson        Can't Do Without You
Dyna-Might        Soul Has No Colour
The Dynamic 3        You Said Yeah
The Dynamics        I Need Your Love
The Dynamics        Misery
The Dynamics        Yes I Love You Baby
The Dynamites        Don't Leave Me This Way
The Dynells                                      Call On Me                             
E Rodney Jones        R & B Time (Part 1)
Eagle        Kickin' It Back To You
Earl Grant        Hide Nor Hair
Earl Jackson        Soul Self Satisfaction
Earl Van Dyke        6 By 6
Earl Wright & His Orchestra        Thumb A Ride
The Earles        Everybody's Got Somebody
The Earles        Someday Baby
Eartha Kitt                           There Comes A Time            
East Coast Connection        Summer In The Parks
Ed Crook        Thats Alright
Ed Summers        I Can Tell
Eddie & Ernie        I Can't Do It
Eddie Anderson        I Won't Hurt You Anymore
Eddie Billups        Ask My Heart
Eddie Billups        Shake Off That Dream
Eddie Bishop        Call Me
Eddie Carlton        It Will Be Done
Eddie Carlton                         Misery                        
Eddie Daye & The 4 Bars        Guess Who Love You
Eddie Floyd        Big Bird
Eddie Floyd        Things Get Better
Eddie Foster        I Never Knew
Eddie Garrigan        I Wish I Was
Eddie Hill        I Can Hear You Crying
Eddie Hill        You Got The Best Of Me
Eddie Holland        Jamie
Eddie Holland        Just A Few More Days
Eddie Holman        Eddie's My Name
Eddie Holman                          Hold Me In Your Arms          
Eddie Holman                          Hurt                          
Eddie Holman        I Surrender
Eddie Holman        She's Wanted in Three States
Eddie Holman        Stay Mine For Heavens Sake
Eddie Holman        Where I'm Not Wanted
Eddie Parker        I'm Gone
Eddie Parker        Love You Baby
Eddie Regan        Playing Hide & Seek
Eddie Rey        I've Got Something Of Value
Eddie Roberts                         Immaculate Love               
Eddie Spencer        If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be
Eddie Sull        Looking For My Baby
Eddie Whitehead        Just Your Fool
Eddie Wilson        Toast To The Lady
Eddie Wood        Why Did You Call
Eddy Jacobs        Tired Of Being Lonely
Edie Walker        Good Guys
Edith Brown        You Did It
Edward Hamilton & The Arabians        Baby Don't You Weep
Edward Hamilton & The Arabians        My Darling Baby               
Edward Hamilton        Call Me
Edward Hamilton        I'm Gonna Love You
Edwin Starr & Blinky                  We'll Find A Way              
Edwin Starr        25 Miles
Edwin Starr                           Agent Double-O-Soul           
Edwin Starr        Back Street
Edwin Starr        Has It Happened To You Yet
Edwin Starr        Headline News
Edwin Starr        I Have Faith In You
Edwin Starr        I Want My Baby Back
Edwin Starr         Love (the lonely people's prayer)
Edwin Starr        Mighty Good Lovin'
Edwin Starr        My Kind Of Woman
Edwin Starr        My Weakness Is You
Edwin Starr                           Running Back & Forth        
Edwin Starr        Scotts On Swinger
Edwin Starr        She Should Have Been Home
Edwin Starr        Stop Her On Sight
Edwin Starr        Time
Edwin Starr        Way Over There
Edwin Starr        You're My Mellow
EJ Chandler        I Can't Stand To Lose You
El Anthony        We've Been In Love Too Long
The El Corols        "Chick, Chick"
Elbie Parker        Please Keep Away From Me
The Electrifying Cashmeres        What Does It Take To Win Your
The Elgins        Heaven Must Have Sent You
The Elgins        Put Yourself In My Place
The Elgins        Stay In My Lonely Arms
Ellie Greenwich        Baby
The Ellingtons                            (i'm not) Destined To Become A Loser
Elliot Small                          I'm A Devil                   
The Ellusions        You Didn't Have To Leave
Eloise Laws        Love Factory
Elsie Strong        Just Ask Me
The Emanons Orchestra        Bird Walking
Emanual Laskey        I'm A Peace Lovin' Man
Emanue; Laskey        Don't Lead Me On Baby
The Embers        I Love Beach Music
The Embers                            Watch Out Girl                
The Embers        Where Did I Go Wrong
        Let My Baby Go
Emmitt Long        Call Me
Emorise Kelley                                     The Biggest Fool                            
The Empires        Your On Top Girl
The Enchanters        There's A Look About You
Enchantment        Call On Me
The Enchantments        I'm In Love With Your Daughter
The Entertainers         I'm In Love With You Baby                              
The Entertainers        Love In My Heart
The Enticers        Calling For Your Love
Epitome Of Sound                      Where Were You                
The Epitome Of Sound                 You Don't Love Me             
The Epsilons        Mind In A Bind
The Eptones        A Love That's Real
Eric & The Vikings        Hurting
Erma Franklin        I Dont Want No Mama's Boy
Ernest Mosley        Stubborn Heart
Ernestine Anderson        You're Not The Guy For Me
Ernestine Eady        Let's Talk It Over
Ernestine Eady        The Change
Ernie Andrews                         Fine Young Girl               
Ernie Johnson                         I Can't Stop The Pain         
Ernie K Doe        A Certain Girl
Ernie Marbray        Ain't Nobody's Business
Ernie Washington        Lonesome Shack
Ernie Wheelwright        In Your Arms
Eskew Reeder                          Undivided Love                
The Esquires        And Get Away
The Esquires        Dancin' A Hole In The World
The Esquires        Get On Up
Estelle Brown        Stick Close
Esther Phillips        Just Say Goodbye
Esther Phillips                       What A Difference A Day Makes
Esther Phillips        While It Lasted
Esther Williams                       I'll Be Your Pleasure         
The Ethics        I Want My Baby Back
The Ethics        Look At Me Now
The Ethics        Standing in the Darkness
Etta James & Suger Pie Desanto        Do I Make Myself Clear
Etta James                            Mellow Fellow                 
Etta James        Seven Day Fool
Etta Thomas        99 Ways
Eula Cooper        Beggars Can't Be Choosey
Eula Cooper        Let Our Love Grow Higher
Eula Cooper        Standing By Love
The Exciters        Blowing Up My Mind.
The Exciters        Reaching For The Best
Excuses        Trick Bag
The Executive Four        I Gotta Good Thing Going
The Exits        Another Sundown in Watts
The Exits                                    You Gotta Have Money  
The Exsaveyons        I Don't Love You No More
The Fabulettes         The Bigger They Are
The Fabulous Apollos        The One Alone
Fabulous Apollos        Some Good In Everything Bad
The Fabulous Downbeats        Life Goes On
The Fabulous Emotionsl        Number One Fool
The Fabulous Impacts        "Baby, Baby I Want You"
The Fabulous Jades        Come On & Live
The Fabulous Peps        With These Eyes
The Falcons        Good Good Feeling
The Falcons        I'm A Fool I Must Love You
The Falcons        Love Look In Her Eyes
Fania All Stars        Ella Fue (she was the one)
The Fantasions                        Unnecessary Tears             
Fantastic Four        Can't Stop Looking For My Bab
Fantastic Johnny C        Don't Depend On Me
Fantastic Johnny C                    New Love                      
The Fantastic Puzzles        Come Back
The Fascinations        Girls Are Out To Get You
The Fascinators        In Other Words
Fathers Angels        Bok To Bach
Fats Domino        If You Don't Know What Love Is
The Fawns        Nothing But Love Can Save Me
Faye Crawford        What Have I Done Wrong
Faye Ross        Faith Hope And Trust
Felice Taylor        I Feel Love Coming On
Felix Cavaliere                       Never Felt Love Before        
Fenton Robinson                       I Believe                     
The Festivals        Music
The Fidels        Try A Little Harder
The Fiestas        Think Smart
First Choice        This Is The House Where Love D
The Five Keys                         Hey Girl                      
The Five Stairsteps        Playgirls Love
Flama Sherman        Where Is He
Flame 'n' King & The Bold Ones        Oh Happy Day
The Flaming Embers        Let's Have A Love In          
The Flaming Emeralds         Have Some Everybody           
The Flamingoes        Boogaloo Party
Flamma Sherman        Where Is He
The Flirtations (Sherry Gibbs)        Crazy
The Flirtations        Change My Darkness Into Light
The Flirtations        Little Darlin'
The Flirtations        Nothing But A Heartache
The Flirtations                       Settle Down                   
The Flirtations        Stronger Than Her Love
Florence Devore        Kiss Me Now Dont Kiss Me Later
Florence Miller                       The Groove I'm In             
Flower Shoppe        You've Come A Long Way Baby
Fluffy Falana        My Little Cottage
Fontella Bass        I Can't Rest
Fontella Bass                         Recovery                      
Fontella Bass        Rescue Me
Forest Hairston        We Go To Pieces
The Formations        At The Top Of The Stairs
Fortson & Scott        Sweet Lover
The Foundations        Back On My Feet Again
The Foundations        Build Me Up Buttercup
The Foundations                       Stoney Ground                 
The Four Arts                         Who Do you Think You Are   
Four Below Zero        My Baby's Got ESP
The Four Dynamics        Things That a Lady Aint Supposed to Do
The Four J's        Love My Love
The Four Larks        Another Chance
The Four Larks        I Still Love You
The Four Perfections        I'm Not Strong Enough
The Four Perfections Orchestra        I'm Not Strong Enough (inst)
The Four Pro's        Everybody's Got Some Soul
The Four Pros                         Just Another Girl             
Four Reputations        Call On Me
The Four Sonics        Easier Said Than Done
The Four Temples                                     All Of My Life
The Four Tops & The Supremes        A Taste Of Honey
The Four Tops        Could It Be You
The Four Tops        Ask The Lonely
The Four Tops        Baby I Need Your Lovin'
The Four Tops        Can't Seem To Get You Out Of M
The Four Tops        I Can't Help Myself
The Four Tops        I Just Cant Get You Out Of My Mind
The Four Tops        I'm Grateful
The Four Tops        I'm In A Different World
The Four Tops        I'll Turn To Stone
The Four Tops        Love Enough To Care
Four Tops        "Shake Me, Wake"
The Four Tops                         So Far                        
The Four Tops        Standing In The Shadows Of Love
The Four Tops        There's Something About You Baby
The Four Tops        Walk Away Renee
The Four Tracks        Like My Love For You
The Four Vandals        The Wrong Side Of Town
The Four Voices        Your Love Is Getting Stronger
Fran Jeffries                         Gone Now                      
Frances Nero        Keep On Lovin' Me
Francis Nero        Out On The Floor
Frank Dell        He Broke Your Game Wide Open
Frank Howard & The Commanders        I'm So Glad                   
Frankie Lydon        Don't Go Away Baby
Frank Polk        Love Is Dangerous
Frank Popp Ensemble        Breakaway
Frank Popp Ensemble        Hip Teens Don't Wear Blue Jeans
Frank Popp Ensemble                   You've Been Gone Too Long     
Frank Wilson        Do I Love You (indeed I do)
Frank Wilson        My Sugar Baby
Frank Wilson        Tell Me Baby
Frankie & Johnny        I'll Hold You
Frankie & The Classicals        What Shall I Do
Frankie & The Damons        Man From Soul
Frankie 'loveman' Crocker        Ton Of Dynamite
Frankie Beverley & The Butler        If That's What You Wanted
Frankie Beverley                      Because Of My Heart           
Frankie Beverley        She Kissed Me
Frankie Valli & The 4 Season        I'm Gonna Change
Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons        The Night
Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons        You're Ready Now
Fred & The Turbines        Bernadine
Fred Hughes        Baby Boy
Fred Hughes        Don't Let Me Down
Fred Hughes        I Keep Trying
Fred Hughes        Ooh Baby I Love You
The Fred Martin Revue        I Loved You Once
Fred Paris        I'll Be Hanging On
Freda Payne        I'll Do Anything For You
Freda Payne        Band Of Gold
Freddie Butler        Save Your Love For Me Baby
Freddy Butler        That's When I Need You
Freddie Chavez        They'll Never Know Why
Freddie Houston        Chills & Fever
Freddie Houston        If I Had Known
Freddie Houston        Soft Walking
Freddie North        The Hurt
Freddie Scott        I'll Be Gone
Freddie Scott        Mr Heartache
Freddie Williams        I've Got To Live While I Can
 Freddy Butler                                     Give Me Lot's Of Loving                             
The Freeman Brothers        My Baby
French Fries                          Danse A La Musique            
The Friendly People        You Send Me
Frootful (ft Angelina Morrison)        Fish In The Sea
The Fuller Brothers        Times A Wasting
The Funk Brothers        Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
The Funk Brothers        You Keep Me Hanging On                              
Funky Sisters        Do It To it
The Furys        Baby You Can Bet Your Boots
The Furys        I'm Satisfied With You
The Futures                               Party Time Man      
The Fuzz        I'm So Glad
Gail Winters        You Don't Have To Be In Love
Gail Winters                          You've Got The Power          
Gale Garnett                          I'll Cry Alone                
Garland Green        Ain't That Good Enough
Garland Green        Girl I Love You
Garnett Mimms        As Long As I Have You
Garnet Mimms        Looking For You
Garnett Mimms                          Prove It To Me                
Gary Dean        You Can Say
Gary Haines        Keep On Going
Gary Lewis & The Playboys        My Hearts Symphony
Gary Sole        Holding On
Gay Poppers        I Want To Know
Gayle Adams                           Baby I Need Your Loving       
The Gaylettes        Heartaches I Can't Take
Geater Davis        My Love Is So Strong For You
The Geminis                           Cant Let You Go               
The Gems        I'll Be There
Gene Anderson        Baby I Dig You
Gene Burkes        You Got It
Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin        From The Teacher To The Preach
Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin        Will I Find Love
Gene Chandler        A Song Called Soul
Gene Chandler        After The Laughter
Gene Chandler                         Baby That's Love              
Gene Chandler                         Bet You Never Thought         
Gene Chandler                         Buddy Ain't It A Shame        
Gene Chandler        Check Yourself
Gene Chandler                         Cowboys To Girls              
Gene Chandler                         Duke Of Earl                  
Gene Chandler        I Can Take Care Of Myself
Gene Chandler                         I Hate To Be The One To Say   
Gene Chandler        I'm Just A Fool For You
Gene Chandler                         Laughter To Tears             
Gene Chandler        Let Me Make Love To You
Gene Chandler        Mr Big Shot
Gene Chandler        Nothing Can Stop Me
Gene Chandler                         Pretty Little Girl            
Gene Chandler                         Since You've Been Gone        
Gene Chandler        Such A Pretty Thing
Gene Chandler                         Teacher Teacher               
Gene Chandler                         There Goes The Lover          
Gene Chandler        There Was A Time
Gene Chandler                         Those Were The Good Old Days  
Gene Chandler                         Wonderful Wonderful           
Gene Chandler                         You Threw A Lucky Punch       
Gene Latter        Sign On The Dotted Line
Gene McDaniels                        Walk With A Winner            
Gene Redding        I Need Your Lovin'
Gene Stridel        Let Her Go
Gene Stridel        Tomorrow Is Another Day
Gene Toones        What More Do You Want
Gene Townsel        I'm Walking Away
Gene Woodbury        Ever Again
General Assembley        Sensitive Mind
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band        If This Is Love (i'd rather be lonely)
Gentlemen & Their Lady        Like Her                      
George Bad Benson        Supership
George Blackwell        Can't Lose My Head
George Blackwell        Mr Loser
George Carrow        Angel Baby
George Clinton        Please Don't Run From Me
George Freeman        Down & Out
George Hobson        Let It Be Real
George Hughley                        That's Why I Cry              
George Jackson        I Don't Have Time To Love You
George Jackson        Patricia
George Kirby        What Can I Do
George Lemons        Fascinating Girl
George McCannon III        "Love, Love My Friend"
George Pepp        The Feeling Is Real
George Smith        I've Had It
George Soule        Cross My Heart
George Soule        Get Involved
George Tindley & The Modern Re        Ain't Gonna Worry About You   
George Tindley        Ain't That Peculiar
George Tindley                        It's All Over But The Shouting
George Wydell                         Funny Feeling                 
Georgia Prophets        Music With Soul
Georgie Fame        Somebody Stole My Thunder
Geraldine Curry        You're So Wonderful
Geraldine Hunt                        Winner Takes All              
Gerri Diamond        Only You (can feel the loss)
Gerri Grainger        I Go To Pieces (everytime)
Gerri Hall                            Who Can I Run To              
Gerri Taylor        Empty Arms & Bitter Tears
Gerri Thomas        Look What I've Got
Gerry Gainey        You Dont Love Me
Gia Mateo        If You Can't Say Anything Nic
Gigi & The Charmaines        Guilty
Gigi & The Charmaines        I Don't Want To Lose Him
Gigi & The Charmanies        Poor Unfortunate Me
Gil Blanding        Rules
Gil Scott Heron        The Bottle
The Gillettes        Same Identical Thing
Gino        It's Only A Paper Moon
Gino Parks        Nerves Of Steel
Gino Washington        Like My Baby
Gladys        Love
Gladys Knight & The Pips        Ain't You Glad You Chose Love
Gladys Knight & The Pips        Any Girl In Love
Gladys Knight & The Pips        How Do You Say Goodbye                              
Gladys Knight & The Pips        Just Walk In My Shoes
Gladys Knight & the Pips        Midnight Train To Georgia
Gladys Knight & The Pips        Stop & Get A Hold Of Myself
Gladys Knight        If You Ever Get You Hands On Love
Gladys Knight        It's Too Late For You & Me
Gladys Knight        No One Could Love You More
Gladys Tyler & Ray Scott        A Little Bitty Girl
Glen Miller        Where Is The Love
Glenda Mccloud        No Stranger To Love
Gloria And The Tairas        I'm Satisfied
Gloria Edwards                        My Love Keeps Getting Stronger
Gloria Gaynor        She'll Be Sorry
Gloria Howell        You'd Better Hurry Up
Gloria Jones        Come Go With Me
Gloria Jones                                      Finders Keepers
Gloria Jones        Heartbeat (pt1)
Gloria Jones        Heartbeat (pt2)
Gloria Jones        Tainted love
Gloria Lynne        Tower Of Strength
Gloria Parker        The Best Thing For You Baby
Gloria Scott        (a case of) Too Much Lovemakin
Gloria Taylor        Poor Unfortunate Me
Gloria Taylor        You Got To Pay The Price
Gloria Walker                         Them Changes                  
The Glories                           I Stand Accused               
The Glories        I Worship You Baby
The Golden World Strings        Supertime
Goldie & The Gingerbreads             Walking In Different Circles  
Gordon Keith        Look Ahead
The Gospel Classics        More Love (that's What We Nee
Graham Bonney        Supergirl
Grand Piano Company        Esperanto
The Grand Prixs        Roar Of The Crowd
Greater Experience        Don't Forget To Remember
Greg Perry        It Takes Heart
The Grier Brothers        Weeping Baby All The Time
The Groove        Love (it's getting better)
The Groovers        I'm A Bashful Guy
The Groovettes & The Bob Reed Orchestra        Think It Over Baby
Grover Mitchell        What Hurts
Guitar Ray        Your Gonna Wreck My Life
Guy Darrell        I've Been Hurt
Gwen & Rae        Build Your House On A Strong F
Gwen Davies        My Man Don't Think I Know
Gwen McCrae                           Lead Me On                    
Gwen Owens                       I Lost A Good Thing                              
Gwen Owens        Wanted & Needed                         
Gwen Owens        Still True To You
Gwen Owen                             You Better Watch Out          
Gwen Stacey        Ain't Gonna Cry No More
The Gypsies        It's A Womans World
Hal Frazier                           After Closing Time            
The Halos        Come Softly To Me
The Halos        Do I
The Halos                             Just Keep On Loving Me        
Hamilton Movement        Having A Set
The Hamilton Movement        She's Gone                    
Hank Hodge        Eye For An Eye
Hank Hodge                            Thank You Girl                
Hank Jacobs        Elijah Rockin' With Soul
The Happy Cats        These Boots Were Made for Walk
Harold Andrews        Since I Talked To My Baby
Harold Burrage        More Power To You
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes        Get Out
Harry & The Keyavas                                     If This Is Goodbye
Harry Deal & The Galaxies        I Still Love You
Harry Starr        Another Time Another Place
Harvey                                Any Way You Wanta              
Harvey Averne Dozen        Never Learned To Dance
Harvey Averne Dozen        Think It Over
Hattie Winston        When This Battle Is Over
Hayes Cotton        Black Wings Have My Angel
Hayes Cotton                          Love Plays Some Funny Games   
H B Barnum        Heartbreaker
HB Barnum        It Hurts Too Much To Cry
Hector Rivera                         Do It To Me                   
Hector Rivera        I Want A Chance For Romance
Helen Shapiro        Stop And You'll Become Aware
Helen Shapiro        Take Me For A While
Helen Shapiro        Tell Me What He Said
Helen Troy        I Think I Love You
Helena Ferguson        My Terms
Helene Smith        Thrills & Chills
Henry Boatwright        I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
Henry C & The Ivy Leaguers        Country Girl
Henry Lumpkin        Soul Is Taking Over
Herb Fame        You're Messin' Up My Mind
Herb Johnson & The Impacts        Im So Glad
Herb Ward        Honest To Goodness
Herb Ward        Strange Change
Herb Ward Orchestra                   Honest To Goodness            
Herbert Hunter        I Was Born To Love You
Herbert Hunter                        Love Has Taken Over Me        
Herbert Hunter        Push Away From The Table
Herbie Goins        Number One In Your Heart
Herman Hitson        Yes You Did (inst)
Herman Hitson        Yes You Did
Herman Lewis                          Who's Kissing You Tonight     
Hersey Taylor        We're Gonna Run Out Of Time
The Hesitations        I'm Not Built That Way
The Hesitations        Is This The Way To Treat A Girl (you bet it is)
The Hesitations        She Won't Come Back
The Hesitations        That's What Love Is
The High Keys        Living A Lie
High Voltage        Country Road
HJ Jackson        Dance The Shing A Ling
Hoagy Lands        Next In Line
Holland & Dozier        New Breed Kinda Woman
Holland & Dozier                      "On The Avenue, In The Neighbou"
Holly Maxwell        Don't Say You Love Me Until Yo
Holly Maxwell        Only When You're Lonely
Holly St James        That's Not Love
Homer Banks        60 Minutes Of Your Love
Homer Banks        A Lot Of Love
Homer Banks        Hooked By Love
Honey & The Bees        Be Yourself
Honey & The Bees        Two Can Play The Same Game
Honey Cone        While You're Out Lookin
The Honeybees        Let's Get Back Together
The Honeybees        Never In A Million Years
The Hopkins Brothers        Shake Cherie
Houston Miles        Remind Me Baby Of You
The Houston Outlaws        Ain't No Telling              
Howard Guyton                         I Watched You Slowly Slip Away
Howard Tate        Baby I Love You
Howard Tate        Everyday I Have The Blues
Human Beinz        Nobody But Me
The Hyperions        Why You Wanna Treat Me Like You Do
The Hyperions        WhyYou Wanna Treat Me The Way You Do
The Hytones        You Don't Even Know My Name
The Hytones        Bigger & Better
The Ideals        Mighty Lover
The Idle Few        People That's Why
Ike & Tina Turner        A Fool In Love
Ike & Tina Turner        Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
Ike & Tina Turner        Can't Chance A Break Up
Ike & Tina Turner        Dust My Broom
Ike & Tina Turner        Sombody Somewhere (needs you)
Ike & Tina Turner        Strange
Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm        New Breed (part1)
Ike Turner & His Kings Of Rhythm        New Breed (part 2)
The Ikettes        It's Been So Long
The Ikettes                           What You Gonna Do             
Ila Vann        Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
Ila Vann        You Made Me This Way
The Imaginations        Strange Neighborhood
The Impacts        Jerkin' In Your Seat
Imperial C's        Someone Tell Her
The Impressions        Can't Satisfy
The Impressions                                      Stay Close To Me
The Impressions                       You Ought To Be In Heaven     
The Impressions         You've Been Cheatin'
The Incredibles        Another Dirty Deal
The Incredibles        Crying Heart
The Incredibles        I Can't Get Over Losing Your Love
The Incredibles        There's Nothing Else To Say
The Independents        Arise & Shine               
Charlie & Inez Foxx        Tightrope
Innocent Bystanders        Frantic Escape
The Inspirations        I Can Feel It
The Inspirations        No One Else Can Take Your Place
The Inspirations        "Touch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me"
The Inspirations        Your Wish Is My Command
International GTO's                   I Love My Baby                
Intertains                            Gotta Find A Girl             
The Inciters        Since You Left
The Intrigues        Don't Refuse My Love
The Intrigues        In A Moment
The Intros                            "Stop, Look, Listen            "
The Intruders                         Check Yourself                
The Invincibles        Wonders Of Love
The Invitations        Ski-ing In The Snow
The Invitations        They Say the Girl's Crazy
The Invitations                       Watch Out Little Girl         
The Invitations        What's Wrong With Me Baby
Irene & The Scotts        Stuck On My Baby
Irma & The Fascinations        Lost Love
Irma & The Fasinators        You Need Love
Irma Routen        I Will Sacrifice
Irma Thomas                Hittin' On Nothing            
Irma Thomas        What Are You Trying to Do
The Isley Brother        Sure Is A Whole Lotta Woman
The Isley Brothers        Behind A Painted Smile
Isley Bros        I Guess I'll Always Love You                              
The Isley Brothers        I Hear A Symphony
The Isley Brothers        My Love Is Your Love
The Isley Brothers        Nowhere to run
The Isley Brothers        Put Yourself In My Place
The Isley Brothers        Take Some Time Out For Love
The Isley Brothers                        Tell Me It's Just A Rumour Baby
The Isley Brothers        That's The Way Love Is                              
The Isley Brothers        There's No Love Left
The Isley Brothers        This Old Heart Of Mine
The Isley Brothers        Why When The Love Is Gone
The Isonics        Sugar
Ivy Joe Hunter        Don't Stop Loving Me
The Ivorys        Please Stay
J J Callier        Pusherman
Jack Montgomery        Dear Beloved
Jack Montgomery                       Do You Believe It             
Jackie Beavers        A Love That Never Grows Old
Jackey Beavers        I Need My Baby
Jackey Beavers        We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love
Jackie Burns & The Belles        I Do The Best I Can
Jackie Day        Before It's Too Late
Jackie Day        Naughty Boy
Jackie Day        Oh ! What Heartaches
Jackie De Shannon        Find Me Love
Jackie Edwards                        Come On Home                  
Jackie Edwards        I Feel So Bad
Jackie Follett        I Am What I Am
Jackie Forest        Show Me How To Love
Jackie Lee        Anything You Want (alt vocal)
Jackie Lee        Bring It On Home
Jackie Lee        Darkest Days
Jackie Lee        Oh My Darlin'
Jackie Lee        Temptation Walk
Jackie Lee        The Duck
Jackie Moore        Time
Jackie Payne        I Found Myself When I Lost You
Jackie Ross        Selfish One
Jackie Ross        Trust In Me
Jackie Trent                          You Baby                      
Jackie Verdell        Are You Ready For This
Jackie Verdell        Don't Set Me Free
Jackie Wilson        Because Of You
Jackie Wilson        Higher & Higher
Jackie Wilson        I Get The Sweetest Feeling
Jackie Wilson        I'm The One To Do It
Jackie Wilson        I've Lost You
Jackie Wilson         It Only Happens When I Look At You
Jackie Wilson        My Heart Is Calling
Jackie Wilson        Nothing But Blue Skies
Jackie Wilson        Only Your Love Can Save Me Now
Jackie Wilson        Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy
Jackie Wilson        The Who Who Song
Jackie Wilson        Whispers (getting louder)
Jackie Wilson        You Brought About A Change In Me
The Jades        Hotter Than Fire
The Jades                             I Know the Feelin'            
The Jades        I'm Where It's At
James & Bobby Purify        Let Love Come Between Us
James & Bobby Purify        Shake A Tail Feather
James Barnett        Keep On Talking
James Bounty        Prove Yourself A Lady
James Bynum        Time Passes By
James Carr                            A Losing Game                 
James Carr                            Coming Back To Me Baby        
James Carr        Freedom Train
James Carr                            Stronger Than Love            
James Carr        That's What I Want To Know
James Coit        Black Power
James Dockery        My Faith In You Is All Gone
James Duncan        All Goodbyes Ain't Gone
James Duncan        Mr Goodtime
James Duncan        Three Little PIgs
James Fountain        Seven Day Lover
James Roberts        This Is The Way C/U
James Wells        Baby I'm Still The Same Man
James Wells        My Claim To Fame
Jamie        This Priceless Gem
Jamo Thomas        Bahama Mama
Jamo Thomas        I Spy For The FBI
Jamo Thomas        Stop The Baby
Jan Bradley                           Back In Circulation           
Jan Jones        Independent Woman
Janie Grant        My Heart Your Heart
Jason Knight        Our Love Is Getting Stronger
The Javells        Goodbye Nothing To Say
Jay & The Americans        Livin' Above Your Head
Jay & The Techniques        "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie"
Jay & The Techniques        Are You Ready For This
Jay Jordan        If It Wasn't For Love
Jay Traynor        Up & Over
Jay Wiggins        Tears Of A Lover
The Jaywalkers                        Can't Live Without You        
J.B.Troy        Live On
J C Messina        Time Won't Let Me
JD Bryant        I Won't Be Coming Back
JD Martin        By Yourself
Jean Battle        I've Got To Come In
Jean Carter        I Wanna Know
Jean Carter                           Like One                      
Jean Catile                           Let Me In                     
Jean Dushon        As I Watch You Walk Away
Jean Dushon        Feeling Good
Jean Wells                            The Best Thing For You Baby   
Jean Wells        With My Love & What You've Got
Jeanette Harper        Put Me In Your Pocket
Jeanette White        Music
Jeanette Williams        All Of A Sudden
Jeanette Williams        Somethings Got A Hold On Me
Jeff Perry        Love Don't Come No Stronger
The Jelly Beans        You Don't Mean Me No Good
Jenny Wren        Chasing My Dreams All Over Town
The Jerms        I'm a Teardrop
Jerry Butler        Moody Woman
Jerry Butler        Stop Steppin' On My Dreams
Jerry Cook                            I Hurt On The Other Side      
Jerry Fuller        Double Life
Jerry G & Co        She's Gone
Jerry Gainey        You Don't Love Me
Jerry Jackson                         It's Rough Out There          
Jerry Naylor                          City Lights                   
Jerry Tiffe                           Hey Watcha Doing              
Jerry Washington        Don't Waste My Time
Jerry Williams        If You Ask Me
Jesse Davis        Gonna Hang On In There Girl
Jesse Fisher        Your Not Loving A Beginner
Jesse James        Are You Gonna Leave Me
Jesse James        Love Is Alright
Jesse Johnson        Left Out
Jesse Thomas        Bases Are Loaded
Jessie Boone & The Astros             Got To Love You               
The Jets        Everything I Do
The Jetsons                               Dance Of Love                 
Jewel Akems        A Slice Of The Pie
Jewel Akins        My First Lonely Night
The Jewels        We Got Togetherness
Jim Gilstrap        Run Run Run
Jimmie & The Entertainers        New Girl
Jimmie Raye        Philly Dog Around The World
Jimmie Reed Jnr                       I Ain't Going Nowhere         
Jimmy & The Sandels        Where Did I Lose You
Jimmy & Vella Cameron        Loving You Is Such A Groove
Jimmy 'preacher' Ellie        I'm Gonna Do It By Myself
Jimmy 'Soul' Clark        I'll Be Your Champion
Jimmy (Soul) Clark        Sweet Darling
Jimmy Beaumont        I Never Loved Her Anyway
Jimmy Beaumont        You Got Too Much Going For You
Jimmy Bee        Wanting You
Jimmy 'Bo' Horne        I Just Can't Speak
Jimmy Brown        Be Gone
Jimmy Burns        I Really Love You
Unknown Artist        Track 1
Jimmy Castor        Just You Girl
Jimmy Cliff        Waterfall
Jimmy Conwell        Cigarette Ashes
Jimmy Conwell        Too Much
Jimmy Delphs        Dancing A Hole In The World
Jimmy Elledge        Sad Town
Jimmy Frazier        "Of Hopes, Dreams & Tombstones"
Jimmy Gilford & Jimmy Scruggs        Don't Let Me Lose It          
Jimmy Gilford        Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby
Jimmy Gresham                         This Feeling I Have           
Jimmy Hart        Tea House In China Town
Jimmy Holiday & Clydie King        Ready Willing & Able
Jimmy Holiday                         Baby I Love You               
Jimmy Holiday        I've Got To Live While I Can
Jimmy James & The Vagabonds        This Heart Of Mine
Jimmy James        A Man Like Me
Jimmy James        Marble And Iron
Jimmy James                           Who Could Be Loving You       
Jimmy Jones        39-21-40 Shape
Jimmy Love        Two Sides To Every Story
Jimmy Mack        My World Is On Fire
Jimmy McFarland        Lonely Lover
Jimmy Moore        Church Street Sally
Jimmy Norman & Dorothy Berry        I'm With You All Of The Way
Jimmy Norman        Family Tree
 - I Don't Love You No More        I Don't Love You No More
Jimmy Norman        I'm Leaving (this old town)
Jimmy Phillips        She Belongs To Me
Jimmy Radcliffe        Long After Tonight Is All Over
Jimmy Ricks        Oh What A Feeling
Jimmy Robins        I Can't Please You
Jimmy Ruffin        Don't Feel Sorry For Me
Jimmy Ruffin        Everybody Needs Love
Jimmy Ruffin        Gonna Give Her All The Love
Jimmy Ruffin        He Who Picks A Rose
Jimmy Ruffin        I Gotta' Let You Go
Jimmy Ruffin        Tell Me What You Want
Jimmy Scott        You're A Runaround
Jimmy Seals        The Yesterday of Our Love
Jimmy Smiley        Girl I Love You
Jimmy 'Soul' Clark        Tell Her
Jimmy Thomas        The Beautiful Night
Jimmy Thomas        Where There's A Will
Jimmy Wallace        I'll Be Back
Jimmy Washburn                        Into Your Heart               
Jimmy Williams        The Half Man
Jive 5                                A Bench In The Park           
The Jive Five        You're A Puzzle
JJ  Barnes        Show Me The Way
JJ Barnes        Day Tripper
JJ Barnes                             I Just Can't See Me Leaving   
JJ Barnes        Our Love Is In The Pocket
JJ Barnes        Please Let Me In
JJ Barnes        Real Humdinger
JJ Barnes        Sweet Sherry
JJ Caillier        Pusherman
JJ Daniels        Mr Lonesome
J.J. Jackson        But It's Alright
Jnr Walker & The All Stars        I Ain't Going Nowhere
Jnr. Walker & The All Stars        Shotgun
Junior Walker and the all starts        Tune Up
Jnr Walker & The All Stars        Good Rockin'
Jnr Walker & The All Stars        How Sweet It Is
Jnr Walker & the All Stars        (I'm a) Road Runner
Junior Walker        What Does It Take (to win your love)
Jo Ann Garrett        A Whole New Plan
Jo Ann Garrett        That Little Brown Letter
Jo Armstead        I Feel An Urge Coming On
Jo Jo Benson                          I Don't Wanna Cry             
Joan Baker        Everybody's Talking
Joan Dovalle        Let Me Go
Joan Moody        We Must Be Doing Something
Joan Regan        Don't Talk To Me About Love
JoAnn Courcy        I Got The Power
Joanne King        My Baby Left Me
Joannie Sommers        Don't Pity Me
Jobell & The Orchestra        Never Gonna Let You Go
Jock Mitchell                         Not A Chance In A Million     
Jodi Mathis        Don't You Care Anymore
Joe Adams        That's Not Half Bad
Joe Arnold        No Clouds In The Sky
Joe Douglas        Crazy Things
Joe Douglas                           Something To Brag About       
Joe Frazier                           1st Round Knockout           
Joe Graves        Debbie
Joe Hicks        Don't It Make You Feel Funky
Joe Hinton                            Got You On My Mind            
Joe Jama        My Life
Joe King & The Jesters                Rubbernecking                 
Joe Matthews        Ain't Nothing You Can Do
Joe Matthews                          Check Yourself         
Joe Matthews        She's My Beauty Queen
Joe Simon        I Got A Whole Lot Of Loving
Joe Simon        Just Like Yesterday
Joe Simon        No Sad Songs
Joe Simon        Step By Step
Joe Simon        The Girl's Alright With Me
Joe Stubbs        Baby I Need Your Loving
Joe Tex        Close The Door
Joe Tex        I Got A Song
Joe Tex        I Wanna Be Free
Joe Tex                               I Got To Be Free              
Joe Tex        If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
Joe Tex        Old Time Lover
Joe Tex        Show Me
Joe Tex        Under Your Powerful Love
Joe Tex        You Better Believe It Baby
Joe Valentine        I Lost The Only Love I Ever Had
Joel        I'm Not Gonna Be Worried
Joey De Lorenzo        Wake Up To The Sunshine
Joey Dee & The Stralighters        How Can I Forget You (inst)
Joey Dee & The Starlighters        How Can I Forget You
Joey Dee        Good Little You
Joey Gee        It's More Than I Deserve
Joey Heatherton        When You Call Me Baby
Joey Kingfish        Did My Baby Call
Joey Scarbury        Midnight Mail
John & The Weirdest        Can't Get Over These Memories
John & The Wierdest        No Time
John Andrews                          It's Just Love                
John Bowie                            You're Gonna Miss A Good Thing
The John Drevars Expression        The Closer She Gets
John E Paul        I Wanna Know
John Edwards        Ain't That Good Enough
John Edwards        How Can I Make It
John Gary Williams        The Whole Damn World Is Going Crazy
John Harris & The Soul Sayers        Hangin' In
John Leach        Put That Woman Down
John Miles        One Minute Every Hour
John Wesley        Love's Such A Funny Thing
John Williams                         Do Me Like You Do Me          
John Williams                         Just A Little Misunderstanding
Johnnie Taylor        Rome (wasn't built in a day)
Johnny Bartel        If This Isn't Love
Johnny Bragg        They're Talking About Me
Johnny Bristol        Hang On In There Baby
Johnny Bristol        Tell Me How To Forget A True Love
Johnny Burton        (come on) Dance With Me
Johnny Caswell        You Don't Love Me Anymore
Johnny Daye                           I'll Keep On Loving You       
Johnny Dixon        Where Are You
Johnny Dunn        You're Hanging Me Up
Johnny Gilliam        Room Full Of Tears
Johnny Guitar Watson                  Big Bad Wolf                  
Johnny Hampton                        Not My Girl                   
Johnny Hendley        My Baby Came From Out Of Nowh
Johnny Honeycutt        I'm Coming Over
Johnny Howard        The Chase Is On
Johnny James        Tell You About My Girl
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwago        Blame It On The Pony Express
Johnny Johnson & The Bandwagon        Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache
Johnny Jones & The King Casual        Purple Haze
Johnny Mae Matthews                   Here Comes My Baby            
Johnny Maestro        Stepping Out Of The Picture
Johnny Maestro        Heartburn
Johnny Moore                          Walk Like A Man               
Johnny Nash        Falling In & Out Of Love
Johnny Nash                           I'm So Glad You're My Baby   
Johnny Nash        What Kind Of Love Is This
Johnny Nash        You Never Know
Johnny Praye        Can't Get Too Much Of Love
Johnny Robinson        Gone But Not Forgotten
Johnny Rodgers        Make A Change
Johnny Ross & The Soul Explosion        I Can't Help Myself
Johnny Sayles        Don't Turn Your Back On Me
Johnny Sayles        I Can't Get Enough
Johnny Scott        "Somebody Help Me, Anyone"
Johnny Summers        I'm Still Yours
Johnny Taylor        Blues In The Night
Johnny Taylor        Changes
Johnny Taylor                         Friday Night                  
Johnny Taylor                         Who' Making Love              
Johnny Vanelli        Seven Days Of Loving You
Johnny Wyatt        This Thing Called Love
The Jokers        Soul Sound
Jon Ford        You've Got Me Where You Want Me
Jonathan Capree        Gonna Build Me A Mountain
The Jones Brothers        Your Good Loving
Jonny Rome        Let Me Pour All My Love Into Your Heart
Joseph Moore        I Still Can't Get You
Joseph Webster                        Our Love Is Strong            
Joy Leonard                           Don't Feel Sorry For Me       
Joy Lovejoy        In Orbit
Joyce Taylor        Mean Mistreater
The Joys        I Loved You Once
JT Parker        If You Want To Hold On
Juanita Williams                      Baby Boy                      
Judy Clay        Do you think that's right
Judy Clay        You Busted My Mind
Judy Harris        You Touched Me
Judy Street        What
Julian Covey & The Machine        A Little Bit Hurt
June Jackson        It's Whats Underneath That Counts
June Jackson        Your Welcome
Junior Lewis        Hear What I Say
Junior McCants        Try Me For New Love
Just Brothers        Sliced Tomatoes
Just Brothers                         You've Got The Love To Make Me
Justin Jones        Dance By Yourself
Justine Washington        I Cant Wait Until I See My Baby
Kaddo Strings                         Nothing But Love              
Karen Sue        Something On My Mind
Karmello Brooks        Tell Me Baby
Kathy & The Calendars        Please Don't Go
The Kaylettes (feat Ernestine Eady)        Let's Talk It Over
KC & The Sunshine Band        Queen Of Clubs
Keanya Collins        I'll Get Over It
Keith        Daylight Saving Time
Kell Osborne        Law Against A Heartbreaker
Kell Osborne        Small Things
Kell Osbourne                         You Can't Outsmart A Woman    
The Kelly Brothers        Crying Days Are Over
The Kelly Brothers        I've Got My Baby
Kelly Brothers                        Love Time                     
Kelly Garrett        Love Is The Only Answer
Kelly St Clair        Hear That Beat
Kelly St. Clair        You Took My Heart
Ken Williams        Come Back
Keni Burke        Let Somebody Love You
Kenni Smith        Lord What's Happening
Kenny Bernard        What Love Brings
Kenny Carlton        Lost & Found
Kenny Carter        Gotta Get Myself Together
Kenny Carter        I've Got To Find Her
Kenny Gamble & The Romeos             Ain`t It Baby                 
Kenny Gamble        The Jokes On You
Kenny Lewis        Not The Marrying Kind
Kenny Lewis        What's Her Name
Kenny Lynch        Movin' Away
Kenny Shepherd        What Difference Does It Make
Kenny Smith        One More Day
Kenny Thomas        Crazy World
Kenny Wells        Isn't It Just A Shame
Kenya Collins        (Barnabus Collins) Love Bandit
Kiki Dee        On A Magic Carpet Ride
Kim Tolliver        I Dont Know Which Foot To Dance
Kim Weston        A Little More Love
Kim Weston        A Thrill A Moment
Kim Weston        Helpless
Kim Weston                            I'm Still Loving You          
Kim Weston        Take Me In Your Arms (and rock
Kim Weston        You Can Do It
Kim Weston         You're Just The Kinda Guy
The Kindly Shepards        Lend Me Your Hand
King Errison                          Zola                          
King George        I'm Gonna' Be Somebody Someday
King Tutt        You Got Me Hung Up
Kings Of Soul                         Is Your Love For Me           
Kirk Franklin        Looking For You
The Kittens                           Hey Operator                  
Kittens Three        I'm Coming Apart At The Seams
Kitty Montgomery        Hey Boy
Ko Ko Taylor        Wang Dang Doodle
Kris Peterson        Just As Much
Krystal Generations        You Were Never Mine
The Kuf-Linx        Service With A Smile
Kurt Harris        Emperor Of My Baby's Heart
La Brenda Ben        Chaperone
La Reine La Mar                       That's Not The Way To Love    
La'shell & The Shelletes        You Better Check Yourself
Lada Edmund Jnr        The Larue
The Ladybirds        Handsome Boy
Lainie Hill        Time Marches On
Landy McNeal        Counting On You Baby
Larose Philiips        Wanted
Larry Allen        Can't We Talk It Over
Larry Atkins        Ain't That Love Enough
Larry Atkins                          Lighten Up                    
Larry Brown        Breaking Training
Larry Clinton        She's Wanted In 3 States
Larry Davis        I've Been Hurt So Many Times
Larry Hale        Once
Larry Houston        Let's Spend Some Time Together
Larry Laster                          Go For Yourself               
Larry Santos        You Got Me Where You Want Me
Larry Saunders        On The Real Side
Larry Trider         Carbon Copy
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson        A Quitter Never Wins          
Larry Williams & Johnny Watson        Too Late
Larry Williams        I Am The One
Larry Williams        Shake Your Body Girl
Larry Williams        You Ask For One Good Reason
Lashawn Collins        What You Gonna Do Now
Laura Greene                          I Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man   
Laura Greene        Moonlight Music & You
Laura Lee        To Win Your Heart
Lavern Baker        Tiny Tim
Laverne Baker        I'm Gonna Get You
Laverne Baker        I'm The One To Do It
Laverne Baker        Wrapped Tied & Tangled
Lee Andrews            Can't Do Without You                              
Lee Andrews        I've Had It
Lee Andrews        Nevertheless
Lee Andrews and The Hearts        Quiet As It's Kept
Curtis Lee & KCP's        Everybody's Going Wild
Lee David        Temptation Is Calling My Name
Lee Fields        Take Me Back
Lee Maye                              Have Love Will Travel         
Lee Moses        Bad Girl
Lee Rogers        Go Go Girl
Lee Rogers        Sock Some Love Power To Me
Lee Roye        Tears
Lee Sain        I Can't Fight It
Lee Shot Williams        Love Now Pay Later
Len Barry        02-01-03
Len Barry                             I Struck It Rich              
Len Barry        I'm In Love
Len Barry                             It's A Cryin' Shame           
Len Barry        You Baby
Len Jewell        All My Good Lovin'
Len Jewel        Bettin' On Love
Len Wade        The Night The Angels Cried
Lena & The Deltanettes        Turn Around Baby
Lenis Guess        For All You've Been
Lenis Guess        Just Ask Me
Lenny Curtis        Nothing Can Help You Now
Lenny Gamble (Tony Blackburn)        I'll Do Anything
Lenny O'Henry        Mr Moonlight
Lenny O'Henry        Across The Street
Lenny Welch        A Hundred Pounds Of Pain
Leo Price & His Band                  Hey Now Baby                  
Leon Collins                          I Just Wanna Say I Love You   
Leon Haywood        Baby Reconsider
Leon Haywood                          Show Me That You Care         
Leon Ware        Whats Your Name
Leroy Hutson                          Ella Weez                   
Leroy Taylor        Oh Linda
Les Chansonettes        Don't Let Him Hurt You
Les Mccann & Eddie Harris        Compared To What
Les McCann        Sad Little Girl
Leslie Gore        It's My Party
Leslie Uggams        Don't You Even Care
Leslie Uggams        Love Is A Good Foundation
Lester Tipton        This Won't Change
Lester Young                          Barefootin' Time In Chinatown
Lew Kirton        Come On With It
Lew Kirton         Heaven In The Afternoon
Lewis Clark        I Need Your Loving So Bad
The Lewis Sisters        Breakaway
Lewis Sisters                         Don't Make Me Live Without You
Life        Cats Eyes
Life        Tell Me Why
Lillian Briggs        Come Here
Lillian Dupree                         Hide & Seek                 
Lillian Dupree        Shield Around My Heart
Lillie Bryant        Meet Me Halfway
Lily Fields        I've Got To Tell You
The Limelights        Don't Leave Me Baby
Limitations                           I'm Lonely I'm Troubled       
Limmie & The Family Cooking        You Can Do Magic
Linda Carr        Everytime
Linda Carr        Trying To Be Good For You
Linda Cumbo        "Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow"
Linda Elliot        Fell In Love With You Baby
Linda Griner        Goodbye Cruel Love
Linda Jones & The Whatnots        I'm So Glad I Found You
Linda Jones        I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby
Linda Jones                           I'm Taking Back My Love       
Linda Jones        Just Can't Live My Life
Linda Jones        My Heart Needs A Break
Linda Jones        You Hit Me Like Tnt
Linda Lloyd        Breakaway
Linda Lyndell        Bring Your Love Back
Linda Perry        It's All In The Back Of Me Now
Linda Scott        You Made A Fool Out Of Me
Lisa May        I've Got A Juicy Mouth Baby
Unknown        I Don't Give A Darn
Little Ann        Lean Lanky Daddy
Little Ann                            What Should I Do              
Little Ann        When He's Not Around
Little Ann        Who Are You Trying To Fool
Little Antony & The Imperials        Gonna Fix You Good
Little Anthony & The Imperials        Better Use Your Head
Little Anthony        Call Me The Joker
Little Anthony        It's Not The Same
Little Archie        All I Have to Do
Little Ben & The Cheers        Baby You're Mine
Little Bobby Parker        I Wont Believe It Till I See I
Little Caesar & The Empire        Everybody Dance Now
Little Carl Carlton        Competition Ain't Nothing
Little Carl Carlton        Nothing No Sweeter Than Love
Little Charles & Sidewinders        Talkin' Bout You Babe
Little Charles & The Sidewinders        It's A Heartache
Little Charles & The Sidewinders        "Talkin' About You, Babe"
Little Dooley        If Ever I Needed You
Little Eddie Taylor        I Had A Good Time
Little Flint        Pain
Little Foxes        So Glad Your Love Don't Change
Little Hank        Mr Bang Bang Man
Little Hank                           Try To Understand             
Little Herman        One Out Of A Hundred
Little Jewel                          I Want To                     
Little Jimmy Ray        You Need To Fall In Love
Little Jimmy Scott        It Rained 40 Days & Nights
Little Joe Cook        I'll Never Go To A Party Again
Little Joe Cook        I'm Falling In Love With You
Little Joe Hinton                     Let's Start a Romance         
Little Joe Roman        When Your Lonesome (come on home)
Little John        Heart Breaking Time
Little John        Just Wait & See
Little Johnny Blair        Mommas Gone
Little Johnny Hamilton        Keep On Moving
Little Johnny Hamilton        Oh How I Love You
Little Johnny Taylor        Somewhere Down The Line
Little Johnny Taylor        Zig Zag Lightning
Little Johnny Truitt        Just The Other Day
Little Milton                         I'm So Blue (without you)     
Little Milton        Sometimey
Little Natalie & The Gifts         Teardrops Are Falling
Little Nicky Soul        I Wanted To Tell You
Little Richard        Get Down With It
Little Richard                        I Don't Want To Discuss It    
Little Richie        Just Another Heartache
Little Richie        One Bo Dillion Years
Little Sonny        Wade In The Water
Litle Soul        Hold On (confidence)
Little Stanley        The Stran
Little Tommy        Baby Can't You See
Little Tony & The Hawks        Give Me Your Sweet Love
Little Willie Faulks        Look Into My Heart
Little Willie John        (I need) Someone
Little Willie John                    I'm Shakin'                   
Living Color        Thank The Lord For Love
Liz Lands        Midnight Johnny
Liz Verdi        Think It Over (and be sure)
Lloyd Price        Love Music
Locomotive        Rudi's In Love
The Lollipops        Love Is The Only Answer
The Lollipops                         Loving Good Feeling           
London & The Bridges        Keep Him
Lonnie Lester        You Can't Go
Lonnie Russ        Say Girl
Lonzine Cannon        Quit While I'm Ahead
Lorenzo Manley        I'm Gonna Swoop Down On You
Loretta King        The Good Love The Bad Love
Lori Burton        Gotta Make You Love Me
Lorna Doon        Dangerous Town
Lorraine & The Delights        Baby I Need You
Lorraine Chandler        I Can't Change
Lorraine Chandler        I Can't Hold On       
Lorraine Chandler        Love You Baby
Lorraine Chandler        Mend The Torn Pieces Of My Heart
Lorraine Chandler        Tell Me Your Mine
Lorraine Chandler        What Can I Do
Lorraine Chandler        You Only Live Twice
Lorraine Ellison        Call Me Any Time You Need Some Loving
Lorraine Ellison        Stay With Me Baby
Lorraine Rudolph        Keep Coming Back For More
Lorraine Silver        Lost Summer Love
Lorretta Williams        Baby Cakes
Los Canarios        Get On Your Knees
The Lost Soul        I'm Gonna Hurt You
The Lost Souls        Secret Of Mine
Lou Courtney        Me & You Doin' The Boogaloo
Lou Courtney        Trying To Find My Woman
Lou Courtney        You Ain't Ready
Lou Edwards        Talking About Poor Folk
Lou Johnson        If I Never Get To Love You
Lou Johnson        Magic Potion
Lou Johnson        Reach Out For Me
Lou Johnson        Unsatisfied
Lou Lawton                            Nik Nak Patty Wack            
Lou Pride        I'm Comin' Home In The Mornin'
Lou Ragland        I Travel Alone
Lou Ragland        Since You Said You'd Be Mine
Lou Ragland        What Should I Do
Lou Rawls        See You When I Get There
Lou Roberts & The Marks        You Fooled Me
Lou Roberts        Everything You Always Wanted T
Lou Roberts        Ten To One
Louis Paul        The Change Will Do You Good
Louise Lewis        Oo Wee Let It Be You Babe
The Lovables        You Can't Dress Up A Broken Heart
The Lovelites        Get It Off My Conscience
The Lovemasters        Pushing and Pulling
The Lovers        Do This For Me
The Lovers        Without A Doubt
The Lovestones        The Key To My Happiness
The Lovettes        Little Miss Soul
Lucille Mathis        I'm Not Your Regular Woman
Lucky Charms        Tied To Your Heart
Lula Reed        Walk On By Me
Luther        Don't Wanna Be A Fool
Luther Ingram        Baby Don't You Weep
Luther Ingram                         I've Got Your Love In My Life
Luther Ingram        If It's All The Same To You
Luther Ingram Orchestra        Exus Trek
The Luv Bugs                              Mama's Gonna Whip Ya          
Lydia Marcell        It's Not Like You
Lydia Pense        I'll Forgive You Then Forget You
Lynn Varnado        Second Hand Love
Lynn Varnado        Wash & Wear Love
Lynne Randell        Stranger In My Arms
M & M & The Peanuts                   The Phillie                   
Mac Staten & The Nomads        There She Goes
Sir Mack Rice                         Baby I'm Coming Home          
Mack Simmons        Turning Point
The Mad Lads        Did My Baby Call
Madeline Bell        Picture Me Gone
Madeline Wilson        Dial L For Lonely
Magic Night        If You & I Had Never Met
The Magicians        It's All Gone
The Magicians        Just A Little Faith & Understanding
The Magnetics        Count The Days
The Magnetics        Heart Your Made Of Stone
The Magnetics        I Have A Girl
The Magnetics        Lady In Green
The Magnetics                         When I'm With My Baby         
The Magnificent Men        Keep On Climbing
The Magnificent Seven        She's Called A Woman
The Magnificents        My Heart Is Calling You
The Magnificents        There Can Be A Better Way
Main Change        Sunshine Is Her Way
The Maisonettes        Heartache Avenue
The Majestics        I Love Her So Much It Hurts
Major Harris        Call Me Tomorrow
Major IV                              All Of My Love                
Major Lance        (Get My Hat) Nothing Can Stop
Major Lance        Ain't No Soul Left
Major Lance        Crying In The Rain
Major Lance        Everybody Loves A Good Time
Major Lance        Investigate
Major Lance        Little Young Lover
Major Lance        The Beat
Major Lance                           The Right Track               
Major Lance        Wait Till I Get You In My Arms
Major Lance        You Don't Want Me No More
Major Lance        You're Everything I Need
The Malibus        Gee Baby (I love you)
Mamie Bradley        I Feel Like A Million
Mamie Galore                          It Ain't Necessary            
Mamie Lee        I Can Feel Him Slipping Away
The Mamselles        Open Up Your Heart
Mandrill        Never Die
Mandrill        Too Late
The Manhattans        I Can't Stand For You To Leave Me
Manny Corchado        Pow Wow
The Mar J's        Gotta Find A Way Out
Mar Vells        Go On And Have Yourself A Ball
The Mar-Keys        My Sweet Baby
Marboo        What About Love
Marc Copage        Who Can I Turn To
Marc Sedane        One Minute From Love
Margaret Little        Love Finds A Way
Margaret Mandolph        Something Beautiful
Margaret Whiting                      Nothing Lasts Forever         
Margie Hendrix        Restless
Margie Joseph        Medicine Bend
Margie Joseph        One More Chance
Margo & Marvettes                     When Love Slips Away          
Marian Ryan                           Better Use Your Head          
Marie Knight        That's No Way To Treat A Girl
Marie Knight        You Lie So Well
Marion Stewart        I Must Be Losing You
Marisa Gatti        Love's What You Want
Marjorie Black        One More Hurt
Mark IV        If You Can't Tell Me Something Good
Mark Johnson        Beautiful Place
Marke Jackson        I'll Never Forget You
The Marketts        Out Of Limits
The Marketts        Stirring Up Some Soul
Marlena Shaw        California Soul
Marlena Shaw        Let's Wade In The Water
Marsha Brody        Right Combination
Marsha Gee        Baby I Need You
The Martells        Where Can My Baby Be
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas        (Love Is Like A) Heatwave
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas         I Can't Break The Habit       
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas         I'm Ready For Love            
Martha Reeves & the Vandellas        One Way Out
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas        "Third Finger , Left Hand"
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas        I Gotta Let You Go
Martha Reeves        In My Lonely Room
Martha Reeves                           Love Guess Who                             
Martha Reeves        No One There
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas        Show Me The Way
Martha Starr        I'm Lonely
Martha Starr        Love Is The Only Solution
Martha Starr        No Part Time Love For Me
The Martinels                         I Don't Care                  
Marv Johnson        Come On & Stop
Marv Johnson                          I Miss You Baby               
Marv Johnson        So Glad You Chose Me
Marva Jones                           I Got Your Number             
Marva Josie        Don't
Marva Josie                 Later For You Baby
Marva Lee                             If You Can't Be True          
Marvelettes        Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead
The Marvelettes        Destination Anywhere
The Marvelettes                                      I'll Keep Holding On                              
The Marvelettes        Only Your Love Can Save Me
The Marvelettes        Please Mr. Postman
The Marvelettes        Reachin' For Something I Can't Have
The Marvelettes        When You're young & In Love
The Marvellos                         Something's Burning           
The Mighty Marvelows        Talkin' About You Baby
The Mighty Marvelows        Your Little Sister
The Marvels                           Keep On Searching             
Kim Weston        It Takes Two (with Marvin Gaye
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell        Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell        Two Can Have A Party
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell           We'll Be Satisfied            
Marvin Gaye        Come Get To This
Marvin Gaye                           Hanging On                    
Marvin Gaye        How Sweet It Is
Marvin Gaye                           I'll Be Doggone               
Marvin Gaye        Little Darling
Marvin Gaye        Lucky Lucky Me
Marvin Gaye                           So Long                       
Marvin Gaye        Some Kind Of Wonderful
Marvin Gaye        Sweet Thing
Marvin Gaye        Take This Heart Of Mine
Marvin Gaye        Tear It On Down
Marvin Gaye        This Love Starved Heart Of Min
Marvin Gaye        What's Going On
Marvin Gaye        When I Feel The Need
Marvin Gaye        Wherever I Lay My Hat
Marvin Gaye        You're A Wonderful One
Marvin Holmes & Justice        You Better Keep Her
Marvin Smith        Have More Time
Marvin Smith        Who Will Do Your Running Now
Mary Ann Miles        Without Someone To Love
Mary B                                Something For You Baby        
Mary Love                             I'm In Your Hands             
Mary Love                             Lay This Burden Down          
Mary Love        Let Me Know
Mary Love                             Satisfied Feeling             
Mary Love        You Turned My Bitter Into Swee
Mary Moultrie        They're Trying To Tear Us Apart
Mary Saenz                            Would She Do That For You     
Mary Saxton        Losing Control
Mary Saxton        Take My Heart
Mary Wells        Can't You See (you're losing me)
Mary Wells        Keep Me In Suspense
Mary Wells        My Guy
Mary Wells        Use Your Head
Mary Wheeler & The Knights        I Feel In My Heart
The Masqueraders        Do You Love Me Baby
The Masqueraders        How Big Is Big
The Masqueraders        How
The Masqueraders        I Ain't Gonna Stop
The Masqueraders        That's The Same Thing
The Masqueraders        I Got The Power
Master Four        Love From The Far East
Matt Brown        Thank You Baby
Matt Lucas        You Better Go Go
The Matt Parsons Orchestra        Boogaloo Investigator
Matta Baby        Do The Pearl Girl (Part Two)
Matthew Barnett        If Your Love Is Real
Maurice Macalister        Baby Hang On
Maurice Mcallister & The Radiants        Baby You've Got It
Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs        Try
Maurice Williams        Being Without You
Maxine Brown                          The Secret Of Living          
Maxine Brown                          Am I Falling In Love          
Maxine Brown        I've Got A Lot Of Love Left In Me
Maxine Brown        It's Torture
Maxine Brown        Let Me Give You My Loving
Maxine Brown        One In A Million
Maxine Brown                          Yesterday's Kisses            
Maxine Davis        Before I Leave You
Mayberry Movement        I Think I'm In Love.
The Mayfield Players        Don't Start None
The Mayfield Singers        Don't Stop None               
Mel & Tim        Backfield In Motion
Mel Britt        She'll Come Running Back
Mel Britt        Your Misery
Mel Torme                             Comin' Home Baby              
Mel Williams        Can It Be Me
Mel Wynn & The Rhythm Aces        Stop Sign
Melba Moore        Don't Cry Sing Along With The
Melba Moore        Magic Touch
The Mello Souls        We Can Make It                              
The Melody Makers        Walking Up A One Way Street
Melvin Carter        Find A Quiet Place
Melvin Davis        I Must Love You
Melvin Davis        Save It (never too late)
Melvin Elling        Lonely Eyes
Melvin Moore        Melvin Moore - All Of A Sudden
Merging Traffic        Ain't No Need
Merle Spears                          I Want To Know                
Merlyn        Promise
Mervyn Davis        Chains Of Love
The Metros        Since I Found My Baby
Mia Morrell                           I Have A Mind Of My Own       
Michael & Raymond        Man Without A Woman
Michael Christian        If I Can't Have You
Mickey Laney        I'm Gonna Walk
Mickey Lee Lane        Hey-Sa-Lo-Ney
Mickie Champion                       What Good Am I                
Micky Moonshine        "Name It, You Got It"
The Mighty Lovers        Mighty Lover
Mike & Ray                            If Only You Knew              
Mike & The Censations        Don't Mess With Me
Mike Finnigan        Bread & Water
Mike Mcdonald        God Knows
Mike Post Coalition        Afternoon Of The Rhino
Mikki Farrow        Set My Heart At Ease
Mill Evans                            Ain't You Glad                
Mill Evans                            Why Why Why                   
Millie Jackson        A House For Sale
Millie Jackson        Ask Me What You Want
Millie Jackson                        Breakaway                     
Millie Jackson        My Man's A Sweet Man
The Millionaires        And The Rains Came
The Millionaires        Never For Me
The Millionaires        You Got To Love Your Baby
Milton & Winston        You Lied
Milton Wright        I Belong To You
Mind & Matter                         Under Your Spell              
Mind Ration        Always & A Day
Minnie Jones        Shadow Of A Memory
Minzie Berry         Don't You Dare To Cry                             
The Miracle Walkers        Love In My Soul
The Miracles        Love Machine (part 1)
The Miracles        Whole Lot Of Shaking
Mirettes        He's Alright With Me
The Mirettes        Take Me For A Little While
Miss D.D. Phillips        Hey Little Girl
Mistura        The Flasher
Misty Moore        Little Things
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels        Like It Like That
Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels        Breakout
Mitch Ryder        You Get Your Kicks
Mitchell Braithwaite        You've Been A Long Time Comin
Mitty Collier        Pain
The Moments        Baby Baby I Want You
The Moments        Hey Boy
The Moments                           Just Having Your Love         
The Moments        Nine Times
The Moments                        You Said                  
Monique        If You Love Me show Me
Monique        Never Let Me Go
The Monitors        Crying In The Night
The Monitors        Don't Put Off Till Tomorrow
The Monitors        Number One In Your Heart
The Monitors        Share A Little Love
The Monorays        Love
The Montanas        I'm Gonna Change
The Montclairs        Hung Up On Your Love
Mood Mosaic        "A Touch Of Velvet,A Sting of B"
The Moods        Rainmaker
Moody & The Deltas                    Everybody Come Clap Your Hands
Morris Chestnut        Too Darn Soulful
Moses & Joshua Dillard        My Elusive Dreams
Moses Dillard                         I'll Pay The Price            
Moses Dillard        Pretty As A Picture
Moses Smith        "Come On, Let Me Love You"
Moses Smith        The Girl Across The Street
Moses Smith        Try My Love
Moss Tolbert        Money In My Pocket
The Motown Session Band         Do I Love You                 
The Motown Session Band        Nowhere To Run (inst)
The Motown Session Band         Sweet Thing                   
Mousie & The Traps        How About You
Mr Bloe        Grooving With Mr Bloe
Mr Caldwell        Love Bandit
Mr Day        Soul On Wax (long)
Mr Day        Soul On Wax
Mr Floods Party        Compared To What
Mr Soul        What Happened To Yesterday
Munroe Taylor                         Proud Guy                     
Muriel Day        Nine Times Out Of Ten
The MVP's        Turning My Heartbeat Up
The Mylestones        Sexy Lady
The Mylestones        The Joker
Mystics        Copp & Blow
Nabay                                 Believe It Or Not             
Nancy Ames        I Dont Want To Talk About It
Nancy Butts        I Want To Hold Your Hand Baby
Nancy Wilcox        Coming On Strong
Nancy Wiilcox        My Baby
Nancy Wilson        End Of Our Love
Nancy Wilson                          Uptight                       
Nat Hall        Why (I want to know)
Nate Evans                            This Time With Feeling        
The Natural Four        Hanging On To A Lie
The Natural Four        I Thought You Were Mine
Natural Four        The Devil Made Me Do It
Neal Brown        If By Chance
Nella Dodds        Honey Boy
Nella Dodds        Come Back Baby
Nella Dodds        Mind Your P`s & Q`s
Nelson Sanders        Mojo Man
New Sound        Don't Take Your Love
The New Wanderers        Ain't Gonna Do You No Harm
The New Wanderers        Let Me Render My Service To You
The New Wanderers        This Man In Love              
The New Yorkers        Don't Wanna Be Your Fool
The Newbeats        Crying My Heart Out
The Newbeats        Don't Turn Me Loose
The Newbeats        Run Baby Run
Newby & Johnson        Sweet Happiness
N F Porter        Keep On Keeping On
Nicky C & The Chateaux        Those Good Times
Nick James        So Glad We Made It
The Nicky Newarkers        Woman
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators        If This Aint Love
The Night Watch        Lips To Your Heart            
Nikki Blu        I Love Him So
Nina Simone        Take Care Of Business (Pilooski Edit)
Nino Tempo & The 5th Avenue Sax        Hooked On Young Stuff         
Nino Tempo & The 5th Avenue Sax        Sister James
Nita Rossi        Something to Give
The Nite-Liters        Kay-Jee
Nolan Chance        Just Like The Weather
Nolan Porter        If I Could Only Be Sure
The Nomads        Somethings Bad
Nooney Rickett        Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day
Nora Roberts        I Just Flip
Norma Jenkins & The Dolls        The Airplane Song
Norma Jenkins        Can You Imagine That
Norma Jenkins        Me Myself & I
Norris Vines & The Luvlines        Give In
The Notations        You Should Know
The O'Jays        Hold On
The O'jays        I Dig Your Act
The O'Jays        I'll Never Forget You
The O'jays        Lipstick Traces
The O'Jays        Looky Looky (look at me girl)
The O'Jays        No Time For You
The O'Jays        To Prove I Love You
OC Smith                            Double Life                   
OC Smith        On Easy Street
The Odds & Ends        Let Me Try
The Okaysions        I'm A Girl Watcher
Ollie & The Nightingales        Girl You Make My Heart Sing
Ollie Jackson        Gotta Wipe Away The Teardrops
Ollie Jackson        Just A Little While
Ollie Jackson        The Day My Heart Stood Still
The Olympics        Baby Do The Phillydog
The Olympics        I'll Do A Little Bit More
The Olympics        Secret Agents
The Olympics        The Same Old Thing
The Orientals                         Soul Ain't You Thrilled       
The Original Cadillacs        I'll Never Let You Go
The Originals        Goodnight Irene
The Originals        Suspicion
The Orlons        Envy
The Orlons        I Ain't Coming Back
The Orlons        Once Upon A Time
The Orlons        Spinnin' Top
Orthea Barnes        Take My Heart & Soul
Oscar Perry        I Got What You Need
Oscar Perry                           Main String                   
The Other Brothers        Its Been A Long Time Baby
Other Brothers                        Nobody But Me                 
Otis Blackwell        It's All Over Me
Baby Jane                             Otis Clay                     
Otis Clay        Showplace
Otis Clay        The Only Way Is Up
Otis Leavill        Keep On Loving You
Otis Lee        Hard Row To Hoe
Otis Redding                          Love Man                      
Otis Redding        Loving By The Pound
Otis Smith        Let Her Go
The Outer Limits        Just One More Chance
The Outsiders        Lonely Man
The Outsiders        Lost In My World
The Outsiders        Respectable
The Outsiders        Time Won't Let Me
The Ovations        They Say
The Ovations                          Won't You Call                
Oxford Nights        I'm Such A Lonely One
The Pacesetters        I'm Gonna Make It
The Packers        Hole In The Wall
Padded Cell        Mister Misery
Pages        Heartaches & Pain
Pal Rakes & The Prophets        Can't Deny The Hurt
Pamela Beatty                         Talking Eyes                  
Papa Bear & The Cubs        You're So Fine
The Para-Monts        Come Go With Me               
The Paramount Four        Sorry Ain't The Word
Paramount Four        You Don't KNow Till It Happens To You
The Paramounts        I'm The One Who Loves You
The Parfays        You Got A Good Thing Going
Paris        Sleepless Nights
The Parisians        Twinkle Little Star
The Parliaments        Don't Be Sore At Me
The Parliaments        Heart Trouble
The Parliaments                       Look At What I Almost Missed  
The Parliaments        This Is My Rainy Day
The Passions        If You See My Baby
Pat & The Blenders                    Just Because                  
Pat Brown        Don't Get Off On Me
Pat Clayton        Someone Else's Turn
Pat Hodges        Playgirl
Pat Lewis                             Can't Shake It Loose          
Pat Lewis        Genie
Pat Lewis        It'll Never Be Over For Me
Pat Lewis                             Let's Go Together             
Pat Lewis        Look At What I Almost Missed
Pat Lewis        No One To Love
Pat Lewis        Warning
Pat Powdrill                                    Do It
Patience Valentine        Unlucky Girl
Patrice Holloway        Ecstacy
Patrice Holloway        Love And Desire
Patrice Holloway        Stolen Hours
Patrick Bradley        Just One More Chance
Patrick Bradley        Just One More Chance (inst)
Patrinell Staten                      Little Love Affair            
Patti & The Emblems        I'm Gonna Love You A Long Long
Patti Austin                          I've Given All My Love        
Patti Austin                          Leave A Little Love           
Patti Austin        Music To My Heart
Patti Austin        Only All The Time
Patti Austin        Someone's Gonna Cry
Patti Austin        Take Away The Pain Stain
Patti Austin        You're Too Much A Part Of Me
Patti Bravo        Put Me In Your Pocket
Patti Drew        Stop & Listen
Patti Drew        There'll Never Be Another
Patti Jo                              Make Me Believe In You        
Patti Labelle        Teach Me Tonight
Patti Page                            You Don't Need A Heart        
Patti Young        Head & Shoulders
Patty La Belle        Tear After Tear
Paul Anka        I Can't Help Lovin' You
Paul Anka        When We Get There
Paul Humphreys        Cochise
Paul Kelly        Chills & Fever
Paul Newman        Ain't You Glad
Paul Sindab        Do What You Wanna Do
Paul Sindab        I Was A Fool
Paul Smith                            Ain't That Something          
Paul Thompson        Special Kind Of Woman
Paula Durante        If He Were Mine
Paula Durante        You're Not My Kind
Paula Parfitt        Love Is Wonderful
Pauline Shivers                       Won't You Come Back Home
Pearlean Grey        I Dont Want To Cry
The Pearls        Third Finger Left Hand
Peggy March        If You Loved Me
The Pentagons        I Wonder
Peppermint Harris        Wait 'Till It Happens To You
Percy Sledge        Baby Help Me
Percy Sledge                          Heart Of A Child              
Percy Wiggins        It Didn't Take Much
Percy Wiggins        That's Loving You
The Perfections        Am I Gonna Lose You
The Perfections        I Love You My Love
The Performers        I Can't Stop You
The Performers                        Set Me Free                   
The Perigents        Love On A Rampage
The Persionettes        Call On Me
Pervis Lee        You Don't Care
The Petals        You Can't Close The Windows Of Your Heart
Peter Hamilton        Hey Girl
Peter Jarrett                         Run Baby Run To Me            
The Pets         I Say Yeah
Phil Coulter & His Orchestra        A Good Thing Going (inst)
Phil Flowers        Discontented
Phil Flowers        Where Did I Go Wrong
Phil Terrell        Love Has Passed Me By
The Philadelphia International All Stars        Let's Clean Up The Ghetto
Philip Mitchell        Free For All
Phylilis Hyman        You Know How To Love Me
The Pinkertones        It's Not The Way You Walk
The Pioneers        Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
The Pioneers                          My Good Friend James          
P.J. Smith & Co.        Hold On To It
The Platters                          Devri                         
The Platters        Don't Hear Speak See No Evil
The Platters                          Not My Girl                   
The Platters                                      Sweet Sweet Lovin' 
The Platters        Washed Ashore
The Platters        With This Ring
The Playthings        Stop What You're Doing To Me
The Poets        I've Got Two Hearts
The Poets        She Blew A Good Thing
The Poets        Wrapped Around Your Finger
The Pointer Sisters                       Send Him Back                 
Pookie Hudson        This Gets To Me
The Poppies                           Do It With Soul               
The Poppies        He's Got Real Love
The Poppies        He's Ready
The Poppies        There's A Pain In My Heart
Porgy & The Monarchs        My Heart Cries For You
Porgy & The Monarchs        That Girl
Porgy & The Monarchs        That's My Girl
The Posse        Evil
PP Arnold        Everything's Gonna Be Alright
PP Arnold                             Speak To Me                   
The Precisions        A Place
The Precisions        Dream Girl
The Precisions        I Do Don't You
The Precisions        I Wanna Tell My Baby
The Precisions        If This Is Love (i'd rather be lonely)
The Precisions                        Instant Heartbreak            
The Precisions        Send Me A Sign
The Precisions        Such Misery
The Precisions        Sugar Ain't Sweet
The Precisions        What I Want
The Precisions        Why Girl
The Precisions        You'll Soon Be Gone
The Present        Many's A Slip (twixt the cup & the lip)
The Presentations           Call On Me
The Pretenders        I Wanna Be Your Everything
The Primers        How Does It Grab You
Prince & Princess        Stick Together
Prince Ella & Sidney jones        Baby Sugar I Love You
Prince George        Wrong Crowd
Prince Harold        Baby You've Got Me
Prince Phillip Mitchell        I'm So Happy
Prince Phillip Mitchell                                      Something For My Head
The Producers        Lady Lady Lady
The Professionals        That's Why I Love You
The Profiles        Take A Giant Step
The Prophets        I Got The Fever
The Prophets        If I Had One Gold Piece
The Prophets        My Kind Of Girl
The Protojays        You Counterfeit Girl
The Puffs        I Only Cry Once A Day
Purple Mundi        Stop Hurting Me Baby.mp3
The Pussycats                         I Want Your Love              
The Puzzles        My Sweet Baby
The Q        That's The Way
The Quotations        I Don't Have To Worry
R Dean Taylor        Indiana Wants Me
R Dean Taylor        Let's Go Somewhere
R Dean Taylor        There's A Ghost In My House
he Radiants        Ain't No Big Thing
The Radiants        One Day I'll Show You
Rain        Out Of My Mind
The Rainbow People        Living In A Dream World
The Rainbows                          Help Me If You Can            
Ral Donner        Don't Let It Slip Away
Ralph Graham                          She Just Sits There           
Ramsey Lewis        Wade In The Water (inst)
Randolph Brown        It Aint Like It Used To Be
Rare Earth        Love Is Here And Now Your Gone
The Ravenettes        Since You Been Gone
The Ravins        Your Love Is What I Want
Raw Soul        The Gig
Ray & Darchaes        To Get A Hold On You
Ray & Dave        Wrong Wrong Wrong
Ray & The Bel-Aires        The Blame Is On You
Ray Agee        I'm Losing Again
Ray Charles        I Don't Need No Doctor
Ray Charles                           Something Inside              
Ray Frazier        My Baby's Hand
Ray Godfrey                           Come And Get These Memories   
Ray Marchand                          Ship of Fools                 
Ray Merrell        Tears Of Joy
Ray Pollard        It's A Sad Thing
Ray Pollard        The Drifter
Ray Pollard        This Time (i'm gonna be true)
Ray Whitley        I've Been Hurt
The Rays (ft Hal Miller)        Love Another Girl
Reatha Reese        Only Lies
Red Beans & Rice        That Driving Beat
Rees Flores        Look Into My Heart
The Reflections        Just Like Romeo & Juliet
The Reflections        Like Adam & Eve
Reggie Alexander        It's Better
Reggie Garner        Hotline
Reggie Sadler Combo        Hear My Song
The Relatives        I'm Just Looking For A Love
Renita Cole        Lately
Reparata & The Delrons        Panic
Reuben Howell        You Can't Stop A Man In Love
Rex Garvin & The Mighty Craver        Sock It To 'Em JB
Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers        I Gotta Go Now
Rhetta Hughes                         Giving Up My Heartaches       
Rhetta Hughes        I Cried Myself To Sleep
Rhonda Davis        Can You Remember
Richard Anthony        Keep On LivinïOn
Richard Berry & The Pharoahs          Have Love Will Travel         
Richard Caiton        I'd Like To Get Near You
Richard Marks        Love Is Gone
Richard (popcorn) Wylie                                      How Did I Lose You                              
Richard Popcorn Wylie        Rosemary (What Happened) (Inst
Richard Popcorn Wylie        Rosemary What Happened
Richard Temple                 Let's Do The Duck          
Richard Temple        That Beating Rhythm
Richie Adams        I Can't Escape From You
Richie Havens        I Cant Make It Anymore
Richie Stephens & Maxi Priest        Still Waters
Rick James        This Magic Moment (dance with me)
Rick Lovejoy        Don't Leave Me Behind
"Rick,Robin & Him              "        Cause' You Know Me            
Rick Sheppard        Can We Share It
The Righteous Brothers                It's Up To You                
The Righteous Brothers Band        Rat Race
The Ringleaders        All Of My Life
The Ringleaders        Baby What's Happened (to our love)
The Ringleaders        I'd Like To Win You Over
Rita & The Tiaras        Gone With The Wind Is My Love
Rita Dacosta        Don't Bring Me Down
Rita Graham        My Cup Runneth Over
Rita Lee        Salvation
The Rivingtons        A Rose Growing In The Ruins
The Rivingtons        Old Time Love                 
RL Burnside        It's Bad You Know
Robb Fortune        Crazy Feeling
Robbie Forston                        Are You For Real              
Robby Lawson        Burning Sensation
Robert Banks        A Mighty Good Way
Robert John        Raindrops Love & Sunshine
Robert Knight        Love On A Mountain Top
Robert Neal        I'm So Glad
Robert Parker        Barefootin'
Robert Parker        Let's Go Baby (where the action is)
Robert Tanner        Sweet Memories
Robert Tenard        You Made Me Cry
Robert Thomas        Salvation
Roberta Daye        I'm Never Gonna Cry Again
Rock Candy        Alone With No Love
Rockie Brown        Without a Warning
Rocky Roberts & The Airdales        Just Because Of You
Roddy Joy        If There's Anything Else You Want
Rodge Martin        They Say
Rodger Collins        She's Looking Good
Rodger Collins        You Sexy Sugar Plum
Roger Hatcher                         Sweetest Girl In The World    
Roger Pace        The Minute My Back Was Turned
The Ron Grainer Orchestra        Theme From Joe 90
Ron Holden        I'll Forgive & Forget
Ronnie & Robyn        As Long As You Love Me
Ronnie & Robyn        Sidra's Theme
Ronnie Davie        What Does It Matter To Me Now
Ronnie Forte        That Was Whisky Talking
Ronnie Love        Chills & Fever
Ronnie Love        Let's Make Love
Ronnie Mcneir        Isn't She A Pretty Girl
Ronnie McNeir        Sitting In My Class
Ronnie McNeir        You're My Lucky Number
Ronnie Milsap        Ain't No Soul
Ronnie Milsap        Total Disaster
Ronnie Walker                         Trouble                       
Ronnie Walker        You're The One
Roosevelt Grier         In My Tenament
Roosevelt Grier                       Lover Set Me Free             
Rosalind Madison                      Neighbourhood Girl            
Rosco And Friends        Broadway Sissy
Roscoe Robinson        That's Enough
Roscoe Shelton        Running For My Life
Roscoe Shelton        You're The Dream
Rose Batiste        Hit & Run
Rose Batiste        I Miss My Baby
Rose Batiste        This Heart Is Lonely
Rose Brooks        I'm Moanin
Rose St John & Wonderettes        I Know The Meaning
Rose St John & The Wonderettes        Mend My Broken Heart
Rose Valentine        I've Gotta Know Right Now
The Rosebuds        Say You'll Be Mine
Rosemary                              Not Much (do you baby)        
Rosetta Johnson        That Hurts
Rosey Jones & The Superiors        All I Need Is Half A Chance
Rosey Jones        Have Love Will Travel
The Rotations        A Changed Man
The Rotations        Put A Dime On D9
The Rotations        Trying To Make You My Own
Roy C        Shotgun Wedding
Roy Dawson                            Over The Top                  
Roy Hamilton        At The Dark End Of The Street
Roy Hamilton        Cracking Up Over You
Roy Hamilton        Don't Come Crying To Me
Roy Hamilton        Earthquake
Roy Hamilton        Reach Out For Me
Roy Hamilton                       She Make Me Wanna Dance       
Roy Hamilton        The Panic Is On
Roy Hamilton        You Can Count On Me
Roy Hamilton        You Shook Me Up
Roy Redmond        Ain't That Terrible
Roy Roberts        Got To Have Your Love
Roy Roberts        So Much In Love
Roy Roberts Experience        You Move Me
Roy Wright        "Hook, Line And Sinker"
Royal Esquires                        Ain't Gonna' Run              
Royal Five        My Baby Cares For Me
The Royal Five                            Say It To My Face             
The Royal Imperials        This Heart Of Mine
Royal Jokers        Love Game
The Royal Premiers                    I Can Make It If I Try        
Royal Robins        Something About You Sends Me
The Royalettes                        Never Again                   
The Royalettes        River Of Tears
Roz Ryan        You're My Only Temtation
Rozetta Johnson        Chained & Bound
Rozetta Johnson        Mine Was Real
The Rubaiyats        Omar Khayyam
Rubin Parker        You've Been Away
Ruby & The Wonders        Don't Cha Do It.
Ruby        Deceived
Ruby Andrews        Just Loving You
Ruby Andrews                          Wonderful Night
Ruby Johnson        Calling All Boys
Ruby Sherry        Feminine Ingenuity
Ruby Winters        Better
Ruby Winters                          In The Middle Of A Heartache  
Ruby Winters        Just Like A Yo Yo
Rudy Mockabee        Sweet Thing (Atco)
Rufus Lumley        I'm In Love Again
Rufus Lumley        I'm Standing
Rufus Lumley        Stronger Than Me
Rufus Thomas        Memphis Train
Rufus Wonder        Under The Moon
Rufus Wood        Before 2001
Salem Travelers        Wade In The Water
The Salem Travellers        Give Me Liberty Or Death      
Sally Sago                            Stop                          
Sally Sagoe        Stop
The Salvadors        Stick By Me Baby
Sam & Bill        I'll Try
Sam & Dave        Soothe Me
Sam & Kitty        I Got Something Good
Sam & The Iridescents                                      Without My Sugar
Sam Ambrose & Friends        They'll Be Coming
Sam Baker        I'm Number One
Sam Cooke        Sugar Dumpling
Sam Dees        "Fragile, Handle With Care"
Sam Dees        Lonely For You
Sam Fletcher        I'd Think It Over Twice
Sam Moore                             Plenty Good Lovin'            
Sam Moultrie        I'll Always Love You
Sam Nesbitt        Black Mother Goose
Sam Ward        Sister Lee
Sam Williams        Love Slipped Through My Finge
Samantha Jones        And Suddenly
Samantha Jones        Surrounded By A Ray Of Sunshi
Sammy Ambrose        This Diamond Ring
Sammy Ambrose                         Welcome To Dreamsville        
Sammy Davis Jnr        You Can Count On Me
San Remo Strings        Festival Time
Sandi Sheldon        You're Gonna' Make Me Love Yo
The Sandpipers                        Young Generation              
Sandra Phillips        I Wish I Had Known
Sandra Phillips        World Without Sunshine
Sandra Phillips        You Succeeded
Sandra Richardson        Stay Here With Me
Sandra Wright                         Wounded Woman                 
Sandy Hadley                          Since I Found A Love          
Sandy Waddy        Everything Is Everything
Sandy Williams        Pushing A Good Thing Too Far
Sandy Wynns        I'll Give That To You
Sandy Wynns        Love Belongs To Everyone
Sandy Wynns        The Touch Of Venus
The Sapphires        Evil One
The Sapphires        Gonna Be A Big Thing
The Sapphires                         Gonna Be a Big Thing (fast ver
The Sapphires        Gotta Have Your Love
The Sapphires        Slow Fizz
The Sapphires        Who Do You Love
The Satisfactions        Take It Or Leave It
Peoples Choice        Savin' My Lovin' For You
Saxie Russell        Psychedelic Soul
The Scientists of Soul        Be's That Way Sometimes
Scotty Williams                       Fear                          
The Secrets        I Feel A Thrill Coming On
The Seminoles        You Can Lump It
September Jones        I'm Coming Home
The Sequins        A Case Of Love
The Sequins        He's A Flirt
The Sequins                           Try My Love                   
The Servicemen        Are You Angry
The Servicemen        I Need A Helping Hand
The Servicemen        Sweet Magic
The Seven Dwarfs        Stop Girl
The Seven Souls        I Still Love You
Seventh Wonder        Captain Of My Ship
Shades        Hit It
Shades Of Blue        Millionaire
Shades Of Jade        It Was Wrong
The Shakers        One Wonderful Moment
Shalimars        Stop & Take A Look At Yourself
The Shamettes        Don't Waste Your Time
Shane Martin                          I Need You                    
Sharon Scott                      Could It Be You
Sharon Scott        I'd Like To Know
Sharon Scott        Putting My Heart Under Lock & Key
Sharon Soul        Girl Crazy
Sharon Soul        How Can I Get To You
The Sharonettes        Going To A Go Go
The Sharonettes        Papa Ooh Mow Mow
The Sharpees        Tired Of Being Lonely
The Sharpets        Lost In A World Of Dreams
Shawn Robinson        My Dear Heart
The Sheepherders (ft Bubba Bailey)        If Ever You Need Me
Sheila Anthony        Living In Love
Shelia Ferguson        Heartbroken Memories
Shep         Fool To Fool
Shep                                  I'm Sitting In                
The Shepards        Little Girl Lost
The Sheppards        Stubborn Heart
Shirlie Matthews        My Sugar Baby
Sherlock Holmes        Standing At A Standstill
Sherri Taylor        He's The One That Rings My Bell
The Sherrys        Put Your Arms Around Me
Sherwoods        Ice Cream
The Shirelles        Last Minute Miracle
The Shirelles        March (you'll be sorry)
Shirley & Jessie                      You Can't Fight Love          
Shirley & The Shirelles        Look What You've Done To My Heart
Shirley Ellis        Soul Time
Shirley Johnson        Too Big To Cry
Shirley Lawson        One More Chance
Shirley Turner        I Wish You A World Of Happiness
Shirley Vaughn        You Dont Know
Shiroley Wahls        Because I Love You
Shirley Wahls        That's How Long I'm Gonna Love
Shirley Wahls                         Why Am I Crying               
The Short Kuts        Your Eyes May Shine
Shorty Long        I Wish You Were Here
The Showmen        Our Love Will Grow
The Showmen        The Wrong Girl
The Showmen                           You're Everything             
The Showstoppers        Ain't Nothing But A House Party
The Showstoppers                      Heartbreaker                  
The Showstoppers        What Can A Man Do
The Shufflers        Always Be Mine
Sidney Barnes        I Hurt On The Other Side
Sidney Barnes        Standing On Solid Ground
Sidney Barnes        You'll Always Be In Style
The Silhouettes        Not Me Baby
Silky Hargreaves        Keep Loving Me Like You Do
Simtec & Wylie                        What's Good To You            
The Sinceres        Girl I Love You
Singing Sam (feat Kitty Grove)        Move It Baby                  
Sir Guy Armond        God Bless The Woman
Sister Sledge        Love Don't Go Through No Changes On Me
Sisters Love        Learning To Trust My Man
Sisters Three        You Can Forget It
Skip Mahoney        Janice
The Skull Snaps        I'm Your Pimp
The Skull Snaps        My Hang Up Is You
Slim Willis        No Feelings For You
Sly & The Family Stone        M'Lady
Smokey Robinson & The Miracle        Going To A Go-Go
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles        You've Got To Pay Bills       
Solomon Burke        Cry To Me
Solomon Burke        Stupidity
Solomon King        This Beautiful Day
The Sonatas        Going On Down The Road
Sonia Ross        Let Me Be Free
Sonny Craver                          I'm No Fool                   
Sonny Fishback        Heart Breaking Man
Sonny Til & The Orioles        Hey Little Woman
Sonny Til -         I Gave It All Up
The Sons Of Moses        Soul Symphony (inst)
The Sophisiticates                    I Can't Stand It              
The Sophisticates                     Please Don't Go               
Soul Bros Inc        Pyramid
Soul Brothers Six        Some Kind Of Wonderful
Soul Brothers Six        Don't Give Away My Love
Soul Brothers Six        I'll Be Loving You
Soul Brothers Six                     You Better Check Yourself     
Soul Brothers Six                     Your Love Is Such A Wonderful
Soul City        Everybody Dance Now
Soul City        I Shot For The Moon
The Soul City        Who Do You Think You Are
The Soul Communicators        Those Lonely Nights
Soul Generation                       Hold On                       
Soul Gents        Wonders Of Love
Soul Incorporated (ft Cecil Washington)        My Proposal
Soul Notes        Don't Make Me Beg
The Soul Notes                        How Long Will It Last         
The Soul Set        Will You Ever Learn
The Soul Shakers        I'm Getting Weaker
The Soul Shakers        You're Turnin
The Soul Sisters        Good Time Tonight
The Soul Sisters        I Cant Stand It
The Soul Twins        Give The Man A Chance
The Soul Twins        Quick Change Artist
The Soulettes        Bring Your Fine Self Home
Soulful Twins        I Can't Let You Go
The Soulmasters        Hold On
The Soulmasters                       I'll Be Waiting Here          
The Sounds Of Lane                    Tracks To Your Mind           
Sound Of Soul                         Hey Girl I Still Love Him     
The Soundbreakers        Trying To Get Back To You
The Soundmasters                      Lonely Lonely                 
Southern Comfort        It's In My Letter
Southside Movement        Do It To Me
The Sparkles        Try Love
The Spellbinders        Chain Reaction
The Spellbinders        Help Me
The Spellbinders        We're Acting Like Lovers
Spencer                               Searchin' For Love            
Spencer        We've Got A Love That's Out Of
Spencer Wiggins        Let's Talk It Over
Spencer Wiggins        Lonely Man
The Spidells                          Dream Girl                    
The Spidells        Like A Bee
The Spidells        Pushed Out Of The Picture
The Spindles        Ten Shades Of Blue
The Spinners        Head Over Heels In Love With You Baby
The Spinners        I'll Always Love You
The Spinners                          I'll Be Around                
The Spinners        It Hurts To Be In Love
The Spinners        Memories Of Her Keep Haunting Me
The Spinners        Mighty Love Pt 1
The Spinners        What More Could A Boy Ask For
Spiral Staircase        More Today Than Yesterday
The Splendors                                     Please Don't Go   
Spooky & Sue        I Got The Need
The Springers        Nothings Too Good For My Baby
The Springers                         Who You Gonna Turn To         
Springfield Rifle                     That's All I Really Need      
Spyder Turner        I Can't Make It Anymore
Stanley Mitchell        Get It Baby
Stanley Mitchell        Quit Twistin My Arm
Stanley Woodruff        What Took You So Long
Star Treks        Gonna Need Magic
Star Treks        Wild One (C-Up)
The Startells        Falling In Love With You
The Steinways        My Heart's Not In It Anymore
The Steinways        You've Been Leading Me On
Stemmons Express        "Woman,Love,Thief"
Sterling Magee        Keep On
Steve Karmen                          Breakaway                     
Steve Mancha        Did My Baby Call
Steve Mancha        Friday Night
Steve Mancha        He Stole The Love That Was Mine
Steve Mancha        I Don't Want To Lose You
Steve Mancha        Still In My Heart
Stevie Wonder                         Ain't That Asking For Trouble
Stevie Wonder                         Contract On Love              
Stevie Wonder        Love A Go Go
Stewart Ames        Angelina
The Sting Rays        I'm Gonna Surprise You
The Stoppers        Come Back Baby
Stormy Wynters        You're A Lifesaver
The Strands        Breeze From The Trees
The Strangeloves        Night Time
The Strides        I Can't Get Along
The Stunners        Nobody But Me
Sue Lynn                              Don't Pity me                 
Sugar & The Spices -         Have Faith In Me
Sugar Pie De Santo        Go Go Power
Sugar Pie Desanto                     Soulful Dress                 
The Summits        I Can't Get Over Losing You
Sunday Williams        Ain't Got No Problems
The Sunlovers        You'll Never Make The Grade
Sunny & The Sunliners        If I Could See You Now
The Superbs        I Wanna Do It With You Baby
The Superiors        What Would I Do
The Superlatives        I Still Love You
The Superlatives        Lonely In A Crowd
The Supremes        Get Ready
The Supremes                          He's All I Got                
The Supremes        Just A Little Misunderstanding
Diana Ross & The Supremes        Let Me Go The Right Way
The Supremes        Love Is Like An Itching In My
The Supremes        Love Train
The Supremes        Nathan Jones
The Supremes        Reflections
The Supremes        "Shake Me, Wake Me"
The Supremes        Stoned Love
The Supremes        Stormy
Susan Coleman                         The Age Of The Wolf           
Susan Farrar        The Big Hurt
Susan Raffey        Hurt So Bad
Susan Rewis        They Say You Found A Brand New
Susan Shirley        Really Into Somethin'
Suzy Wallis        Tell Him
Sven Zetterberg        Heartaches Was All You Got
The Swans         Nitty Gritty City             
The Sweet        Broken Heart Attack
The Sweet Nothings        Cry Baby Cry
The Sweet Things        I'm In A World Of Trouble
The Sweethearts        Beauty Is Just Skin Deep
The Sweets        Satisfy Me Baby
The Sweets        Something About My Baby
Sly Johnson        Do You Know What Love Is
Syl Johnson                           Try Me                        
Syl Johnson                                     We Did It       
Sylvia Robbins        Don't Let Your Eyes Get Bigger Than Your Heart
Sylvia Shemwell                       He'll Come Back               
Sylvia St. Claire        It Hurts To See You Happy
Sylvia Thomas        At Last
Syng McGowan                                   Just In The Nick Of Time
Syng McGowan        That's What I Want
Taj Mahal        Ain't That A Lot Of Love
Tamala Lewis        You Won't Say Nothing
Tamiko Jones                          Spellbound                    
Tammi Lynn        I'm Gonna Run Away From You
Tammi Terrell        Come On & See Me
Tammi Terrell        I Gotta Find A Way (to get you back)
Tammi Terrell        Tears At The End Of A Love Affair
Tammi Terrell        This Old Heart Of Mine
Tammy St John        Nobody Knows Whats Going On In
Tammy Wayne        Have A Good
The Tams        Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy
The Tams        Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
The Tangeers                              Let Your Heart & Soul Be Free
Tangeers                              What's The Use Of Me Trying   
Tari Stevens        False Alarm
Tata Vega        I Need You Now
Tate                                  It Takes More Than Love       
Tavares        Don't Take Away The Music
TC Lee & Bricklayers        Up & Down The Hill
TD Valentine        Love Trap
Teardrops        Every Step I Take
Tearra        Just Loving You
Tears        Good Luck My Love
The Tears        What You're Doing To Me
Ted Ford                              You're Gonna Need Me          
Ted Taylor        Sombody's Always Trying
Ted Wilson        I Can't Take No More
Teddy & The Fingerpoppers        Soul Groove (pt 1)
Teddy Greene        Cry
Teddy Randazzo        You Don't Need A Heart
Teddy Vann        (theme from) Coloured Man
The Tempests        Someday
The Tempos        Countdown Here I Come
The Tempos        I'll Never Forget You
The Tempos        Sad Sad Memories
The Temptations        Ain't Too Proud To Beg
The Temptations        Angel Doll
The Temptations        Forever In My Heart
The Temptations        Girl (why you wanna make me blue)
The Temptations        I Want A Love I Can See
The Temptations                       I'm Doing It All              
The Temptations        It's Growing
The Temptations        Lady Soul
The Temptations                       My Baby                       
The Temptations        Paradise
The Temptations        Stay
The Temptations        "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch"
The Temptations        Truly Yours
The Temptones        Girl I Love You
Terri Bryant        Geni
Terri Bryant        When I'm In Your Arms
Terri Goodnight        They Didn't Know
Terri Nelson                          Sweet Talkin'  Willie         
Terrible Tom        We Were Made For Each Other
Terry Callier        Look At Me Now
Terry Callier        Ordinary Joe
Thee Midniters        You're Gonna Make Me Cry
Thelma Houston        Baby Mine
Thelma Lindsey        Prepared To Love You
Thelma Lindsey        Why Were'nt You There
Theola Kilgore        It's Gonna Be Alright
Theresa Lindsay        I'll Bet You
Theresa Lindsey                       Daddy O     
Theresa Lindley        Gotta Find A Way
Third Time Around        Everything's Gonna Be Alright
The Thornton Sisters                  I Keep Forgetting             
Three Degrees        Contact
The Thrills        What Can Go Wrong
The Tiffanies                         It's Got To Be A Great Song   
The Tiffanys        Happiest Girl In The World
Tim Rose                              I Got A Loneliness            
Tim Smith        I Need Your Love
Tim Tam & The Turnons        Wait A Minute                 
Tim Whitsett                          Still A Lot Of Love           
Timebox        Beggin'
Time Box        Girl Don't Make Me Wait
Timi Yuro        Big Mistake
Timi Yuro        I Aint Gonna Cry No More
Timi Yuru         Insult To Injury
Timi Yuro        It'll Never Be Over For Me
Timi Yuro        What's A Matter Baby
Timmie Williams         Competition
Timmy & The Empires        Got No Time
Timmy Willis        Mr Soul Satisfaction
Timothy Carr                          Love My Love                  
Timothy Wilson        (hey girl) Do You Love Me
Timothy Wilson         I Must Love You
Timothy Wilson        Love Is Like An Itching
Tina Britt        The Real Thing
Tina Mason                            Finders Keepers               
Tina Roberts        One Way Or The Other
Tiny Topsy        Just A Little Bit
TJ Williams & Two Shades Of Soul        Baby I Need You
Tobi Bowe        I Can Feel Him Slipping Away
Tobi Lark        Challenge My Love
Tobi Lark        Happiness Is Here
Tobi Legend        Time Will Pass You By
Today's People        Sos (all we need is time for love)
Tojo        Broken Hearted Lover
The Tokays        Baby Baby
Tom Jones        Stop Breaking My Heart
Tomangoes        I Really Love You
Tommy & The Derbys        Don't Play The Role
Tommy Bush        I Don't Like It
Tommy Butler        Right On Up To The Weekend
Tommy Dent        Soul Thing
Tommy Dodson        One Day Love
Tommy Frontera                        (you're my) Leading Lady      
Tommy Goode                    Baby I Miss You  
Tommy Hunt        Never Love A Robin
Tommy Mosley         You Lied I Cried Love Died
Tommy Navarro        I Cried My Life Away
Tommy Neal        Going To A Happening
Tommy Payton        Mountain Of Soul
Tommy Ridgley        My Love Get's Stronger
Tommy Rodgers        Pass The Word
Tommy Sands        The Statue
Tommy Tate        I'm Taking On Pain
Tommy Yates        Darling Something's Gotta Give
The Tonettes        I Gotta Know
Toni & The Showmen        Try My Love
Toni Basil        Breakaway
Toni Lamarr        Just In The Nick Of Time
Toni Michaels        I Love The Life I Live
Tony & Tyrone                         Please Operator               
Tony Clark        (they call me) A Wrong Man
Tony Clarke        Landslide
Tony Clarke                           The Entertainer               
Tony Colton        I Stand Accused
Tony Diamond        Don't Turn Away
Tony Galla        In Love
Tony Hestor        Down In The Dumps
Tony Hestor        Watch Yourself
Tony Middleton        Paris Blues
Tony Middleton        To The Ends Of The Earth
Tony Talent        Gotta Tell Somebody
Tony Williams        How Come
Toots & the Maytals        54-46 That's My Number
Tootsie Rollers        Give Me Love
The Topics        Have Your Fun
Chadwick 102_The Topics _Hey G        
Total Eclipse                         You Took Our Heart            
Towanda Barnes        You Don't Mean It
Tower Of Power        This Time It's Real
The Toys                              What's Wrong With Me Baby     
Tracey Robbins        This World Without You
Trade Martin                          She Put The Hurt On Me        
The Traditions        My Life With You
The Trammps        Hold Back The Night
The Tranells        Blessed With A Love
Travis Wammack        Scratchy
The Trends        Not Too Old To Cry
The Trends        Thanks For A Little Loving
Trini Lopez                               Sinner Not A Saint       
The Tripps        Give It Back
The Tripps        There's That Mountain
The Trips        Love Can't Be Modernized
The Trips        There's That Mountain
The Triumphs        I'm Coming To Your Rescue
The Triumphs        Walking The Duck
Troy Dodds        Try My Love
Troy Keyes        If I Had My Way
The True Tones        Hes Got The Nerve
The True Tones        Hes Got The Nerve
The TSU Toronadoes        What Good Am I
The Turbines        We Got To Start Over
Turley Richards        I Feel Alright
The Twans                                 I Can't See Him Again         
Two People                            "Stop, Leave My Heart Alone    "
Two Plus Two        I'm Sure
Two Plus Two        Look Around
Ty Karim        I Ain't Lying
Ty Karim        Lighten Up Baby
Ty Karim                                You Just Don't Know
Ty Karim        You Really Made It Good
The Tymes        Here She Comes
The Tymes        So Much In Love
The Tymes                             "Someday, Somehow I'm Keepin' Y"
The Tymes        This Time It's Love
The Tymes        What Would I Do
The Tymes        You Little Trustmaker
Tyn Tymes        Baby I Love You
Tyrone Barkley        Man Of Value
Tyrone Davis        Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Undisputed Truth        You Got The Love I Need
The Unifics        Which One Should I Choose
Unique Blend                             Yes I'm In Love                              
The Uniques (feat Joe Stampley)        Not Too Long Ago
The United Four        She's Puttin You On
The Universals                        Without Friends               
Unknown        I Only Cry Once A Day
Unknown Artist        Tears On My Face              
The Up Tights        Academy Awards of Love
The Upsetters        Return Of Django
The Utopias        Girls Are Against Me
Val & Nick                            I'll Find You                 
Val McKenna                           Love Feeling                  
Vala Regan & The Valarons        Fireman
The Valadiers        I Found A Girl
The Valentines        Breakaway
The Valentinos        Sweeter Than The Day Before
The Van Dykes        Save My Love For A Rainy Day
Van Morrison                          Domino                        
The Vanguards                         "Good Times, Bad Times      "
Varetta Dillard                       Scorched                      
The Vashonettes        A Mighty Good Lover
The Velours        I'm Gonna Change
The Velvelettes        A Love So Deep Inside
The Velvelettes        He Was Really Saying Something
The Velvelettes        Lonely Lonely Girl
The Velvelettes        Needle In A Haystack
The Velvelettes        The Boy From Crosstown
The Velvelettes         These Things Will Keep Me Loving You
The Velvelettes        These Things Will Keep Me Loving You
Velvet Hammer                         Happy                         
The Velvet Satins        Nothing Can Compare To You
The Velvets        I Gotta Find Me Somebody
Venecia Wilson                        This Time I'm Loving You      
The Ventures        Heart Of Love
The Ventures        Hawaii Five-O
Verdelle Smith                        If You Can't Say Anything Nice
Vernon Garrett        Angel Doll
Vernon Garrett        If I Could Turn Back The Hands
Vernon Greene                         "Look At Me, Look At Me        "
The Versatiles        You're Good Enough For Me
The Vibrations        Cause You're Mine
The Vibrations        End Up Crying
The Vibrations        Finding Out The Hard Way
The Vibrations        Gonna Get Along Without You No
The Vibrations                        Keep On Keeping On            
The (vibrating) Vibrations        Surprise Party For My Baby
Vicki Sue Robinson        Turn The Beat Around
Vicki Baines                          Country Girl                  
The Victors        Hurt
The Victors        Not Only The Girl Knows
The Village Idiots                    Part Time Party Time Man      
Vince Apollo                          I Bear Witness                
Viola Wills        I Got Love
Viola Wills                           Together Forever              
VIP's        Straight Down To The Bottom
Virgil Blanding        You Turn Me Around
Virgil Henry        You Ain't Saying Nothing New
Virgil Murray's Tomorrow's Yesterday         I Still Care
Virginia Blakly        Let Nobody Love You
Virginia Wolves        Stay
The Visitors        I'm In Danger
Vito & The Salutations                I'd Best Be Going             
Vivian Carol        Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah
Vivian Liaborne        Don't Leave
The Vogues        That's The Tune
Voice Box        I Want It Back
Voices Incorporated                   Thinkin'                      
The Voices Of East Harlem        Cashing In
The Volcanos                              Help Wanted                 
The Volcanos        Storm Warning
The Volcanos        The Laws Of Love
The Volcanos        Your Number One
The Volumes        Gotta Give Her Love
The Volumes        I Just Can't Help Myself
The Volumes        Thas Same Old Feeling
The Volumes        You Got It Baby
The Vondells        Hey Girl You've Changed
The Vonettes        Touch My Heart
The Vontastics                                     Never Let Your Love Grow Cold
The Vows        Tell Me
Wade Flemons        Jeanette
Wade Flemons        That Other Place
Wakefield Sun        Tryped On Love
Wales Wallace        Somebody I Know
Wall Of Sound        Hang On
Wallie Hawkins & Rose McCoy                              Switch Around
Wally Cox        This Man
Walter & The Admirations        Man Oh Man
Walter Jackson        After There Can Be Nothing
Walter Jackson        It's An Uphill Climb To The Bo
Walter Jackson        Where Have All The Flowers Go
Walter Murphy        California Strut
The Wanderers        You Can't Run Away From Me
Ward Burton                           Sweet Temptation           
Wayne Anthony        Blow Me A Kiss
Wayne Anthony        You A'int Wrapped Too Tight
Wayne Fontana        Give Me Just A Little More Ti
Wayne Fontana         Something Keeps Calling Me Back                              
Wayne Gibson        Under My Thumb
Wayne Lo Guidice        Eye To Eye
We The People        Making My Daydream Real
The Webs        I Want You Back
The Webs        This Thing Called Love
Wedgeworth & Clique                   No More Games                 
Wendell Watts        Kiss A Good Thing Goodbye
Wendy Otey        Fun & Games
Wendy Renee                           Bar B Que                     
Wesley Paige        I've Got To Find Out For Myself
West Five                             Just Like Romeo & Juliet      
The Whips        First Dance Fear
The Whispers        I Can Remember
The Whispers                                      Remember Me
Wigan's Chosen Few        Footsee
Wilbur Walton Jnr        24 Hrs Of Loneliness
Will Collins & Will Power        Anything I Can Do
William Bell & Judy Clay        Private Number
William Bell        Don't Stop Now
William Bell        Easy Coming Out (hard going in)
William Bell                          Happy                         
William Powell        Heartache Souvenirs
Williams & Watson        Two For The Price Of One
Willie Brown & Raw Soul        Get Out & Get It
Willie Hatcher        Good Things Come To Those Who
Willie Hightower        Because I Love You
The Phonetics (inc Willie Hutch)        Just A Boys Dream
Willie Hutch        Love Runs Out
Willie Hutch        Lucky To Be Loved By You
Willie Hutch        The Duck
Willie Johnson                        What I'm Going To Do Without Y
Willie Jones        Where's My Money
Willie Kendrick        Change Your Ways
Willie Kendrick        What's That On Your Finger
Willie Kendrick        You Can't Bypass Love
Willie Mitchell                       That Driving Beat             
Willie Mitchell        The Champion
Willie Parker        I Live The Life I Love
Willie Small                          How High Can You Fly          
Willie Tee                            First Taste Of Hurt           
Willie Tee        I'm Having So Much Fun
Willie Tee                            Please Don't Go               
Willie Tee        Walking Up A One Way Street
Willie Williams        Have You Ever Been Played For Fool
Wilmer & The Dukes        Give Me One More Chance
Wilson Pickett                        Baby Don't You Weep           
Wilson Pickett        How Will I Ever Know
Wilson Pickett        Land Of 1000 Dances
Wilson Pickett        Let Me Be Your Boy
Wilson Pickett                        Nothing You Can Do            
Winfield Parker (ft The Shydells Band)        Sweet Little Girl
Winfield Parker                       I Love You Just The Same      
Winfield Parker        I'm On My Way
The Wingate Strings        Let's Have A Love In          
The Winstons        Colour Him Father
Witches & The Warlock                 Behind Locked Doors           
Wombat        I'm Getting On Life
Wonder & The Echoes        Why
The Wonderettes                          How Soon                      
The Wonderettes        I Feel Strange
Wooden Nickels                        Nobody But You                
World Column         So Is The Sun
Wynder K Frog        Green Door
The Young Brothers        What's Your Game
Young Holt Trio        Ain't There Somthing That Mone
Young Ladies        I'm So Tired Of Running Around
Youngblood Smith        You Can Split
The Younghearts        A Little Togetherness         
The Yum Yums        It's Gonna Be A Big Thing
Yvonne & The Violets        Cross My Heart
Yvonne Baker & The Sensations        Mend The Torn Pieces Of My Broken Heart
Yvonne Baker        I Can't Change
Yvonne Baker        My Baby Needs Me
Yvonne Baker                          You Didn't Say A Word         
Yvonne Barrett        Send Her Away
Yvonne Daniels        I Don't Wanna Get Away
Yvonne Vernee                         It's Been A Long Time         
Yvonne Vernee        Just Like You Did Me
Zena Foster        Baby Let Me Teach You
Zodiacs        Don't Change On Me
Zu Zu Blues Band        Zu Zu Man
ZZ Hill                               Ain't Too Proud To Beg        
ZZ Hill                               Baby I'm Sorry                
ZZ Hill        Getting Ready For The Get Down
ZZ Hill                               No More Doggin'               
ZZ Hill        You Just Cheat & Lie

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