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Audio Evaluation Service + 45's WANTED for cash !! big or small record collections (rare or not). Get in touch & let us know what you have.


Legal Stuff 

northern soul music on this site is considered to be in the public domain, downloads are disabled to avoid infringing copyright. Sound clips are format shifted back up copies of files stored for time shifted playback. If you do not own the original recording it is illegal to download or store files from this site, they should be removed from your system within 24 hours. If you own copyright and would like them removed please contact NSM via the form. 


Creating Back Up Discs

You are allowed to own backup copies of northern soul music originals. By ordering backups, you assure me that you own the original. I accept no responsibility legally or otherwise of you owning them. If at a later date you decide to sell your original then you should pass on the backup to the new owner or destroy it. You can however buy a backup without owning the original for evaluation purposes, but you are required by law to destroy it after 24 hours if you do not buy the original. You are paying for the time to create the discs not for the content. 


Welcome to Northern Soul Music - a source for soul music.

What is in here ? mainly playable music, if you are new to the genre try the YCM page (Youth Club Music) these are all old favourites that probably launched us all into the northern soul scene. The first few pages are predominantly oldies but as you work through the site it will become more current with crossover and rare. But there is far too much to tell you in this small space, click the links above to navigate to the 40+ jukeboxes with 60 tracks on each left and navigate over 60 pages to keep you occupied for hours and bring back memories of places such as Wigan Casino, The Twisted Wheel, The Torch, or Cleethorpes Pier & Winter Gardens. Search for rare northern soul sounds you want to hear and evaluate before looking for the vinyl, you will also find images of old badges and more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it has given you the inclination to view the other web pages, maybe you have been away from the scene for a some time and are just browsing but believe me the scene is alive and well with many events every week all over the UK. Why not find a local soul night and go along and see what is happening these days. 

Pre-compiled CD's from the Music Pages you can split pages to order half the tracks ie. first 30 tracks = £6 or tracks 31 to 60 = £6 or all 60 tracks on 2 cd’s = £11.  Order via the links on each page it will add to the basket and you can pay using Paypal of Credit Card.

Custom made CD's pick 25 tracks of your choice from any playable track on the web site to have on audio cd to play in the car or hi-fi. 

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot find tracks for you just from lyrics.

CD's supplied with: Index Sheet including a Full Tracklist & Custom Name Printed direct on CD eg. John Smith Disc 1

Custom Made Audio CD = £8.00

Duplicate Disc = £4

1st Disc Posted to UK = £2.50

European Post = £6.50

Worldwide Post = £7.50

Each Extra Disc Postage = 50p 

Pay Securely For Audio CD's via Paypal or BACS transfer.

Custom Search CD (part) = (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Custom Search CD (full) = (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE).

Format For Ordering

I do not need the page names when ordering and prefer your list is layed up in the email as below.

Artist - Track

Artist - Track

Artist - Track


Please send your lists using the contact link at the top of this page. 

Please read Legal Stuff section above. 



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