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About Frankie & The Damons


A mini bio of Frankie & The Damons by Ben Runkle a band members son


This picture for those that are interested was taken by Ben's father on a 5x4 camera and developed himself and is one of very few known pics of the group.

As for this pic, the guy on the far right is Howard Exum who sang lead on the record. Next to him is Rick Price who played trumpet. Leaning over the organ is Johnny Carter (bass) and I'm the tall one. Frankie is on the drums and just visible standing behind him is Chip Crawford who doubled on organ and guitar.

There was a guitar player named John Wilson who is not pictured. The other two black guys are the ones who sang backup on the record but I can't recall their names. It was taken behind the curtain on stage at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in, I think, 1967. We were one of two local acts opening the show for... Ray Charles!  And I still have the show card to prove it! This is a picture of the group playing together which has just been unearthed and never seen by the author until today.

That elusive single that became popular on the northern soul scene and still changing hands for a lot of money. I am pleased you are still enjoying our music.




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